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  1. Miller93

    Ron got pranked

    Poor Ron. #Metal4SGT
  2. Miller93

    Change log 8.2.3

    Good job i got the boot a month ago, i would have left the second this came in.
  3. Miller93

    Arma physics be like...

    More like practicing for a terror attack.
  4. Miller93

    bombing cops

  5. Miller93

    3 YEARS ON S1[ people i've met]

    @Metal Get forgotten lol #sgtmetal
  6. Miller93

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, come again?
  7. Miller93

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    What is this NA tradition?
  8. Miller93

    Legends Of Asylum

  9. Miller93

    when you don't give a shit anymore...

    The Police guidebook apply not in Kavala. you must be new?
  10. Miller93

    Kavala HQ, 11/5/18

    The fuck do you know about kavala.
  11. Miller93

    Change log 8.2.2

  12. Miller93

    Intro: Louie

    This made me sick in my mouth.
  13. Miller93

    The (mostly) Protector Montage 2.0

    Good Job Metal. Good Fucking Job.