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  1. Nice shots
  2. Hatch sports are better then helis if you know how to drive
  3. This server don't have a new life rule so when this will be implementet, probably house spawns on turfs will be disabled.
  4. Medics really need a buff because nobody plays medic only for fun, everybody want to do some money. Maybe try to give more money for a revive, or improve the paychecks.
  5. Why to disable houses, that makes no sense.
  6. u wot m8, parachute kill :)))
  7. pretty decent
  8. The house is a good weapons factory for a nice price. I need to sell it fast. SERVE
  9. Nice shots on the ifrits tho
  10. lel
  11. This idea worth a try
  12. I hoped i had some luck on r6