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  1. Im looking for a big tiddy goth bitch to suck on my toes. if you can draw that I will give you 10$
  2. Good Bamboo Union will not miss you.
  3. Yea Lt.... I mean constable Jake
  4. Denied that was a arma issue not a asylum issue goodbye!!!
  5. FUCK really.
  6. Why you always lyinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
  7. So like is this not gonna happen orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
  8. 1. I have left kavala and pistol banging behind. 2. I have calmed down with being that little kavala rat everyone hates and im friends with basically everyone. 3. Basically no one has a problem with me. 4. I never post on the forums unless I feel I should. 5. Who are you?
  9. Now I know I shouldn't be the one saying this but people are quitting for the server issues yea but they will all come back when @Poseidon fixes it and the banned channel will be filled. But most of the people are quitting because of the autistic/toxic player base asylum has built for itself. Now I have been here for years and many people know me many people don't and asylum has changed overtime for good and bad. But the one thing that asylum was developing from when I started playing was that player base. I cant count in this past month how many time I have been walked up to and just shot in the face and turned in, or killed. Not to mention the cops getting worse everyday by actual autistic people getting accepted, you can literally be picking apples now and rack up a 10k bounty of stupid shit. Back when I first started playing this server actually gave me and many other people enjoyment, like when we used to have the prostitute or jumping quad bike events. Those were the times everyone would be happy and have actual fun. But now there is too much autism and toxicity for anything, it comes from civs, cops, or even medics vdming you and sending your car flying. And I hate to say this but the servers are now divided into the rule breakers and the cartel fighters. Its not that bad if cops weren't rule breakers either like a few days ago I had a cop do 3 different exploits in my house and he still isn't banned. When I was on yesterday I was playing with a old asylum player and he told me " he feels bad for the people playing asylum because the ship has sunk. At least when we were playing it just hit the iceberg, now its sunk get off while you can. At first I didn't listen but in the past 24 hours I lost about 600k to robbo cops, Rdmers, and people that have one chromosome. If we want to fix asylum you have to get rid of the toxicity while we can. Even if any new players come in they get Rdm'd or called a N****r and they get off. I mean come on guys even when the cops have me its not the same as it was. Mainly because cops now loose there money and get on cop to robbo cop. I used to enjoy messing with the cops and getting @Olivia and @Patrick man about there asylum romance. Not to mention all the old players that want to get unbanned which can help get rid of the toxicity like @Sheriff Rick Grimes who just wants to enjoy asylum. At this point I say we have a few weeks before a lot of people start quitting. Cops are retards and robbo cops, civs rdm, medics vdm we no form of enjoyment. For example your doing a drug run trying to make up the money you loose and 5 cops come over to get you, As soon as you hear multiple cars you know there's a problem. IU mean I can see one or wo cops but do you have to bring everyone that's on. Or you see someone rdming and you kill him and his friends and you explain that to the cops and you get a full ticket or 50% increase. Back in the day none of this will happen, but now asylum has actually turned into a meme. Im starting to loose hope and if we don't fix it soon its just gonna die off as a server.
  10. So what your saying is that we will actually be able to enjoy asylum again?
  11. You may shoot back but I will clap you. <3
  12. Dude are you actually toxic because most of the forum posts I have read you are either roasting or just plain out being retarded. Can you please you the forums in a positive manner and give positive feedback. Every once and a while it is ok to be a little troll but you actually have been doing it all day. Asylum is going through enough right now does not need your negative feedback.
  13. DEAL
  14. Throw in 10 lockpicks 2 apples and a peach. Then my friend you will have a deal.