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  1. I am full for this idea. Go Michael Williams!!
  2. Cheeto I miss ya man, come back and we can shit on all of these potatoes at cartels. ~luv Aids <3
  3. maybe it was because it was mainly held on a shit map (Tanoa) if it was on Stratis or any other maybe it would be good, Tanoa was literally a pc killer I was getting 12 frames playing strife, but I still played because it was F U N.
  4. #FreeSherrifRick
  5. No thats my dad.
  6. I better be.
  7. Im loosing chromosomes watching this, btw your fucking trash kid catch me in kavala howbowdat.
  8. Make it so that if a admin livestreams and you screenshot there face and post it here you dont get permed. #FreeSherrifRick
  9. I did not report him, just a lil exposing.
  10. I have a server one black market house?
  11. Retard alert!!
  12. #FUCKYEA