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  1. all these kids tryna be like me pistol banging smh.
  2. Called him retarded in ts and got banned for 2 hours, makes sense.
  3. @Mitch (IFRIT) how many of the people in this are permed?
  4. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 we had some great times old friend, even though we had our ups and downs we still ended up as friends. I can remember the first time I met you we were in kavala and a smirnoff event was happening and you made a joke about Bamboo Union, and the last time we talked it was because I was broken and jayshawn banned me. No matter what though you always had my back and helped me out and I want to thank you for that. Goodluck on your future endeavours dad and be safe out there, ill see you soon. o7 <3 Oh and congrats @Jesse
  5. $54 a can of tac bacon, 1 Adrenaline, 2 lockpicks, and half of a apple
  6. This would actually be a great idea, It would give everyone a chance to finally either use all those guns in there house, or use all that barley they have stored, maybe even use all those sui's they have stored. +1 This would be great in comparison to what chipotle was saying, the server wide carnage could be good for some people and that would be the best place to put all of there gear to use.
  7. This isnt iambic pantameter, I could teach you how to decently write a poem if you would like?
  8. This is the American theme song.
  9. Are you a 12 year old retard with nothing else better to do, minecraft is shit and roblox is hot garbage, debate over.
  10. You're only down for 45 seconds S T O O P I D, just wait it out and dont be trash.
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