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  1. Im good!
  2. For you? Mr. almost richest player 5mil.
  3. @Marzoh I do play the game everyday and I do suck. I'm not sure if you are trying to insult me because if you are... try harder? Seems like I struck a nerve insulting your career as a silver league streamer... oh my bad. Gold 5.
  4. @Marzoh Hey at least I play the game? I think you already died and alt f4'd. Is your stream up? I enjoy watching you play silver league games when you rage quit from Arma!
  5. Glad to know Drunk Squad will never be sent to jail! This is going to be reverted in no time. I give it less than a week. @DS_Billy @Luke SwagWalker @DankBud @Josh Boon
  6. I’ll just keep it. Don’t even play s1 anyways.
  7. Hahahaha
  8. Make offer if u want
  9. I am glad that new content is coming but this is a 4 minute video of random vehicles moving showing 0 new content. (Aside from uniforms and SUV).. The trailer would have been better ending at :30 when it first said coming soon. Took me on a 4 minute ride to show nothing and still say coming soon. +1 for effort nice song.
  10. How about not right at Halloween lol. Too many college midterms
  11. I know My DS tags ruin it for me