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  1. Thx! <3 @Mitch (IFRIT)
  2. 1 Hummingbird Please -DS Mason
  3. Wanted to take a minute to highlight @Fig Jig for being such a cool guy. I don't bounty hunt ever but decided to start today. When we found him and downed him we had no zip ties. Here was his reaction. Very respectable guy.
  4. Exxcelllll, I would go into the teamspeak, and try and meet with a CPL or higher and see if they can help you out some more. You wont find answers here on the forums, and complaining wont get you far. Like I said, do not be discouraged, it comes with experience on the server. That is one of the reasons why they have a playtime requirement before applying.
  5. Well, I am no expert, BUT I can tell you that there have been hundreds and hundreds of people who are or have been whitelisted officers. Every single one of them passed it. The answers are there. I would take time to thoroughly read through the documents and watch the video again a few times. If I remember correctly from a few years ago when I did mine, some of the questions are also common sense questions so even though the answers are not written word for word, you should be able to find the answers just fine. I also failed mine the first time, don't get so worked up about it, you will pass eventually.
  6. Donate only if you want to help the server. I just dont think the rewards are worth. I donate for crates. I think those are better tbh
  7. If someone is grown enough to admit when they are wrong its good enough for me. Like I said though, your guys call.
  8. @Silver-Spy Leroy owned up to his mistake. Feel free to reduce the ban if you want. We're good with it.
  9. Hey Leroy, we can finally talk now... oh wait.....