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  4. Lowest I will go is 1 mil.
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  6. Ill take it. are you on? @Newfie
  7. Server: 4 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House 3 crate House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 220k Location (Town/DP#): Abdera Asking Price: 1 Mil its on market. Description: A 3 crate house that is amazing for running scotch. From the second floor you can see the distillery. If you happen to die, spawn back get an Mk out of the crate and shoot back from your house. Pictures/Video Walk-through
  8. @Gnashes I understand that you guys don't want to babysit a test server because you have to focus on the main 4 servers, but what about letting people "apply" to be an admin on the test server since it will be on a different database. It couldn't possible mess anything up with the 4 main servers. You could have it to be the same as applying for a regular admin on asylum, that way only "trustworthy" people could monitor it. Thoughts? I appreciate the response.
  9. Correct but again the idea is to give the players a way to see their ideas implemented to see if it would work or not. Not just new features
  10. I can understand that, but what if it wiped every 2 weeks? How about if the ideas only get tested for a short time period and then went back to normal? People would go back to the main 4 servers because they wouldn’t want to be wiped every two weeks? Or make it to where players can’t buy houses or do any of the other activities besides what’s being tested? again I’m not sure but I’m hoping some good things come from this. I’m open to anything really. Thanks for the input. @Emma
  11. @bamf @Gnashes Hello, First off, thank you for the work you guys put into the servers. I am not sure if this would be possible, or how much it would even cost (however it could be a community donation goal). People are always saying "Just implement what the players want", and while I will admit, there are times when I agree that content should be put in to please the people who actually play, I do understand you cannot implement things for various reason. The idea I am proposing would be a test server. A separate server connected to a separate database. What if on this new server, you could implement all possible ideas that people have that are within reason to see how it plays out. The reason I say a separate database is so people cannot take advantage of things and make a lot of money and bring it back to the regular 4 servers, much like tanoa. This would not only please the majority of the players to see their ideas get implemented, but if they work out, it would bring frequent updates to Asylum's normal four servers. Like I said, I do not know if this is even possible, but I would like to hear your feedback. Thank you -DS Mason
  12. Did you see that tower jump out in front of that plane?