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  1. o7 Going to miss the banter. Was fun while it lasted. See you on the stream sometime!
  2. League of legends ranked season ends. Grinding to get to silver!!
  3. <3
  4. I consider a major gang who plays everyday and has a presence on the servers. Not those who get on for 20 minutes die once at a cartel and alt f4. Especially those gangs who only turn up for gang wars to show they have some sort of relevancy. It is an RP server, yet people still trash talk players for being bad. Maybe those gangs should go to cartel only servers or King of the Hill? Be careful spilling your drink, you need that keyboard for your professional gold 5 streaming career! Have a good day!
  5. I fly Orcas all the time! Have you seen any of my montages on the forums they are great! Hot drops so hot they end up on fire!
  6. Crispy Sliick was denied by Drunk Squad 5 times and permed from our teampseak for excessive toxicity, and still tries to apply- Change my mind.
  7. In my opinion the way to save the server is to start implementing what the players want. The most recent change that was made was due to popular demand. This has not been the case in the past because it is what the developers wanted. I think that if we can find and hire a developer who still has the same interest in Asylum as when it first started and that changes are made based on what players want, that would be a good start. There is no 1 quick fix to keep player base. It is multifaceted. 1.Cops do not role play at all. 2. Unbanning prominent gang leaders might revive gang life a bit but if we do not focus on server issues it wont stay that way. 3. Gangs rob alot of people (Myself included) which does have the drawback of turning players away at the early stages and some might not make it to gang life. 4. Devs have been making changes that they want and not what the players want. This isn't a big deal but just a side note about gangs.. Gang life is toxic enough. Not that I am a snowflake or anything and in fact I do encourage a bit of trash talk and banter but I constantly see gangs begging people to come fight. We show up and either we win and they start shit talking saying we were lucky or were trash anyways, Or we loose and we still get shit talked to the point where I would rather make you afk for 20 minutes than to entertain you at a cartel. There are many reasons why this server is slowly going downhill and I think we should focus on making server changes first before we think about unbanning players who are permed. An increased player base will only be temporary if we do not get the server where it needs to be.
  8. Maybe I just don't get it. I understand second chances and all and I am a firm believer that if someone owns up to their mistakes then all is forgiven. This is only for RDM, VDM, or minor exploits. Hacking or cheating/scripting should stay perm banned. I understand gang life is dead. I understand the reason you want to see them unbanned. If the leaders of prominent gangs are unbanned their members will come back and gang life might make a comeback. What about us? What about those with our integrity who did not go out of our way to get permed? If the gang life is dead because those players are banned then why allow them to come back? They did it to themselves. Why reward the people who helped in killing off gang life? It doesn't make sense to me.I have liked most of your suggestions recently but I am only in favor of this if this only applies to VDM, RDM, and minor exploits.
  9. Im good!
  10. For you? Mr. almost richest player 5mil.
  11. @Marzoh I do play the game everyday and I do suck. I'm not sure if you are trying to insult me because if you are... try harder? Seems like I struck a nerve insulting your career as a silver league streamer... oh my bad. Gold 5.
  12. @Marzoh Hey at least I play the game? I think you already died and alt f4'd. Is your stream up? I enjoy watching you play silver league games when you rage quit from Arma!
  13. Glad to know Drunk Squad will never be sent to jail! This is going to be reverted in no time. I give it less than a week. @DS_Billy @Luke SwagWalker @DankBud @Josh Boon
  14. I’ll just keep it. Don’t even play s1 anyways.