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  1. Denied. Good luck finding a gang.
  2. There are some nerfs that are very necessary. For example with the most recent nerf to Scotch and black market. It was free money and this needed to be addressed. With the old system, there was virtually no risk for scotch. It was too far for police to patrol and everyone who runs scotch holds hands, much like it was on Tanoa. Even if police did come, they could not do anything as there was nothing able to be seized. They would tell you to leave and drive away. Then you would go back and run it all and they can do nothing about it. To fix this we made barley an illegal item so the police can do something about it. We also raised the price of all scotch that is not fully aged. With black market Heroin was right next to the black market. When you run guns, you walk up, hit sell and that was it. The money went into your bank and there was no risk other than gathering the Heroin. If civilians showed up, you just sell as fast as you can and there is nothing for the to gain, as the money is gone. We made the decision to put money on hand that way there was some risk for civilians to rob each other. While you are used to making money a certain way, you should know that it was easy and free money. Sorry that you have to work a bit more. I do not think that these balance nerfs mean that we hate rebels. The wealthiest people on the server have 60 million plus, it is still pretty easy to make money. "Every new server patch makes it harder to make money, makes it harder to buy loadouts. People don't play Asylum to farm peaches boys." We have not brought in a major change that drastic. 1 box truck of coke sells for 42k. That is with 0 infamy perks, no gang perk, no community rewards, and no drug cartel. Now I can see if you are a lone wolf it might be a bit of a grind at the start, but everyone has to do it. We all did it. That's when you join a gang, get infamy, get gang perks and really start playing the game. I think you might be overreacting. "Mohawks, modeled after a CH53 Sea Stallion, which has a 30000 pound payload capacity, can only carry 300 units" Lol.
  3. Mason

    What is Asylum V2?

    Read through the post.
  4. Looks very good! I prefer more outline stuff on a solid color like the asimov iffrit mostly white but orange details.. The skin looks really good don't get me wrong, just a bit too over the top for me. Would still be good addition in my opinion. Nice work!
  5. hahahhahaahahahahahahahaha -1 its the only way I can kill people
  6. There is no risk in black market. You gather the materials and when you sell the money goes right in your bank. Even if cops or civs show up, you just sell as fast as you can and if they kill you, you lose nothing but the truck. Now you have to have gear on you to defend yourself and get to an ATM. It was broken and we both know it. I too ran guns. It was free money.
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