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  1. @Padrinos made a singleplayer asylum game. (come out with another one please)
  2. You literally have 3 clips where you shot guys in the back you might have an actual mental disorder kid
  3. kid you have like 100 one pieces in here YIKES, you'd think by the 6th you would be at least decent or have a decent tage.
  4. This man is an absolute legend sign my profile! terrible tage btw
  5. Thanks @Mason Statham for the song.
  6. Stereo

    Change log 8.2.0

    This man just typed the realist shit I have ever seen. If this isn't taken into consideration its over.
  7. Arma was a different game back in 2015
  8. https://gyazo.com/98f9dc0c2d68d574dc17948febc09500
  9. Stereo

    Change log 8.2.0

    Hey you guys wanna know something really great 8.0 was released in august... of 2017
  10. Everyone could make 100 of your montages. Here's tips for next time: 1. Don't have more then 2-3 cop clips in there and they should be like crazy 1 taps or something 2. Don't montage Sdar fights. IE you geared fighting naked sdar bangers, you with an Sdar fighting Sdar bangers. 3. If people have their gun holstered, sitting in a car, oblivious to you being there. DON'T MONTAGE THEM.
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