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  1. You tried to invite me to your gang along with a whole bunch of others after you left (It was either VP or Purge I think it was VP), don't think you are in a position to be talking.
  2. Doesn't make your opinion valid, clearly says that it happened, they chose to have mercy on you and if you didn't comply you would be re-permed. More of the premise that you did it that matters.
  3. First I said almost never, Second your a squeaker who got banned for lag-switching so your opinion is invalid.
  4. I have almost never heard of someone who refused to fight a cartel for a fear of being bounty hunted unless they are solo.
  5. Hey man, the glue company has to do its monthly inspections.
  6. I think if there were to be a new skip tracer location it would need to be more centered east to west. maybe somewhere to the east and north of athira.
  7. Cool, but everytime the "release" gets close there is another setback and I assumed that this summer I was going to get to play V2 before school started back. Now I am beginning to think that is not gonna be a reality. (Originally was thought to be done some time in mid to late june.)
  8. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I am getting tired of these constant change in the release date, I personally think it is a poor business practice to suggest something is releasing at this time or that and continue to push it back. Perhaps you are all working your hardest to get this done and the schedule just isn't working out as planned. But I would think that at some point you would just give the community a solid release date and say we can have a vote if we would rather play it with bugs or wait until it is finished.
  9. Im sorry, but you cant keep doing this.
  10. I have another question, will hunters and other vehicles that arent currently able to be crafted, be able to be crafted in V2
  11. I think this price reduction is too dramatic imo. However, I do believe maybe ifrits should never be over 100k and hunters over 95k. And possibly a reduction to quilins and prowlers (not all the way back down to original price maybe like 35k)
  12. or Tanoa or Livonia, any of them are good because they are variety.
  13. I agree first two months also had tons of admin events.
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