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  1. @Ron Johnson
  2. No don't even get me started with this guy...
  3. Later man had fun the few times we played GL
  4. I am not sure what this is but umm ok...
  5. Get on my level
  6. S4/DP 11/2 crater... Taking offers... S4/DP 14/ 2 crater... Also offers... I can post screenshots later if you want...
  7. Nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If you want something cheap...
  9. At least I am not Joe.
  10. First one wasn’t me flying but second one for sure was Whoops
  11. Yea it was pretty frustrating the same thing had happened to us twice before that within the same hour.
  12. Yea was fun fighting you guys sucks it ended like that