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  1. So it has been a long ride here on Asylum, but it is time for me to leave. I have recently had some personal stuff come up in my life, and I will no longer be playing on the servers starting sometime within the next week. I have had a ton of fun here on the Asylum servers over the past three years or so thanks to many of you I have had the opportunity to play with. I would like to thank some of you who have made my time here memorable… @MoralityVII Thanks for always having my back <3 you. @The Ivan Cars that go vroom? @pavdog Wish you joined Asylum sooner, had fun playing with you while you were here. @CwilliamY China #1 @BlacknCrazy Maybe we can play some 2K @Penguin_ Love you skenguin, carry me in rocket league. @Steve Thanks for letting me join req and being a cool dude. @Roice Kiss me @McMuffin Remember when you sold me that barley @Hav0k Missed ya buddy cya around <3 @Kevingreen23 Thanks for helping me join FSA buddy (Garbage pocket LT) @cbakes Was fun playing with you sweetie @Kcoy You are so cute <3 @Brokers300 Dumb <3 @Subaru Thanks for helping me out in the APD. @Dressbuck #Dressbuck4LT <3 @Buck Gratz on LT buddy was fun playing with you. @Gregg Gratz on Lt cutie will miss paintballing you. @Deazy Johnson waffel @william Love you cutie pie thanks for the pulldowns @Candle3 Wish you joined me sooner buddy. Sorry to those of you I forgot to mention, you know who you are. Goodbye boys!
  2. Game looks fun was thinking of getting it. Anyone here have it yet, if so what are your opinions on the game and do you recommend it?
  3. +1 Good prices and service, keep it up boys
  4. I got the shed!!!
  5. 880k
  6. 820k
  7. 770k
  8. 700k
  9. o7 Cutie pie you will be missed.
  10. Sorry @Nightmare
  11. Goodbye buddy was fun playing with you for the past month or so. o7
  12. Bump
  13. You can’t bench people when you are on the bench.
  14. As long as he doesn't kill/down them without saying anything it isn't against the rules. No rule against shooting someone to make them limp. It may be annoying but there is nothing wrong with it.