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  1. @Lil Tay
  2. Welcome back
  3. How do I dislike this post.
  4. @CwilliamY you absolute legend.
  5. Soooo I made a bad bet for a mil in Rocket League sooooo yea who wants to give me some $$$ Fuck you @BlacknCrazy
  6. So Deazy has taken 5k away from me for my high taxes and I have learned my lesson. So here are your lowered taxes. JK enjoy 20% taxes forever!!!
  7. Go Mexico!
  8. I love you
  9. Mercy please
  10. Nice kill @ 40 secs
  11. I enabled "check signatures" in my parameters and it seems to have fixed the issue at least so far. Edit- I am an idiot just make a new profile and the issue will be fixed. Thanks for all the help everyone.