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  1. All I got from this video is the same I got from your last video... That whenever you get caught you like to call out people out on the forums to show that you are oh so innocent and cry...
  2. "get out or you are going to be shot" stays and throws a nade then proceeds to cry about being downed... nice....
  3. luv it @Hav0k look look I got featured!
  4. Was good playing with you man good luck in the future o7
  5. Rude, also I would care....
  6. Ghost why are you bullying him...
  7. If he is currently banned that is ban evading if he buys a new account to avoid his previous ban and he will earn himself a perma ban.
  8. Looks like a cow make it a different texture then yes.
  9. Nice!
  10. We have plenty of suggestions... There is a whole section for them.
  11. Hi Noobious...
  12. Got scared so I disabled followers but I'll renable just 4 u
  13. Looks like your next
  14. Why are people so fond of the blue one... It's honestly not that great.