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  1. If you want something cheap...
  2. At least I am not Joe.
  3. First one wasn’t me flying but second one for sure was Whoops
  4. Yea it was pretty frustrating the same thing had happened to us twice before that within the same hour.
  5. Yea was fun fighting you guys sucks it ended like that
  6. 1.Bounty hunters can already lock pick faster and more consistently than others. 2.That would be mayhem so much confusion would occur just because of so many sirens may sound good at first but I feel that the texting system is not hard to use and would cause much less confusion. 3.MX is already very strong and a very small % of the APD has access to better weapons. It also seems as if you are wanting bounty hunters to have the MXM or MK1 which would be unbalanced at that point. 4.No need 10 minuets to turn your bounty in is plenty of time anything past that you are just fucking with the guy... 5. No, would result in everyone throwing flash bangs left and right in kavala. If you are so desperate for flash bangs go rob a cop. 6.Would be abused... 7. Maybe...
  7. @Skull punches kittens.
  8. All I got from this video is the same I got from your last video... That whenever you get caught you like to call out people out on the forums to show that you are oh so innocent and cry...
  9. "get out or you are going to be shot" stays and throws a nade then proceeds to cry about being downed... nice....
  10. luv it @Hav0k look look I got featured!
  11. Was good playing with you man good luck in the future o7
  12. Rude, also I would care....
  13. Ghost why are you bullying him...
  14. If he is currently banned that is ban evading if he buys a new account to avoid his previous ban and he will earn himself a perma ban.
  15. Looks like a cow make it a different texture then yes.