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  1. Akula


    Buy a rebel house, stop spawning therisa. Boom problem solved
  2. In-game name - The Reaper | Akula Age - 21 Timezone - MST Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - https://gyazo.com/0857aff9943491f2efb5b97c8118ec4f Bank Balance - 3.5 mil~ Previous Gangs (if any) - Og Primitive, some other old ones APD Rank (if any) - Constable
  3. Akula

    For honor beta!

    PM me your uplay name
  4. Akula

    For honor beta!

    I have 1 more beta invites for PC if anyone wants one
  5. How can you see out/in windows and shit, whenever i play its just pure white or pitch black?
  6. The Condemned is a group of skilled rebels who go about wreaking havoc. We enjoy bringing chaos to everyone on the island of Altis. The Condemned focuses on a mixture of fighting cartels and robbing the Fed/Bank as well as having fun and messing around. With our ranks growing slowly as we pluck recruits from our various exploits on the island we plan to soon overthrow the standards of Gang Life. Requirements 17+ years of age (Not required, exceptions can be made) Minimum of 800 Hours on Arma 3 with a majority on Asylum Must be mature Knowledge of cartels, banks, & feds, and general gameplay Must follow all Condemned & server rules Must have a working mic & access to Discord Must be financially stable (500k+) Application Format In-Game Name: Age: Timezone: ArmA 3 Hours (Screenshot)/Estimated Asylum Hours: Previous Gang Affiliations: What can you contribute to The Condemned?: Why are you interested in joining Condemned?: Do you know anyone in Condemned who can vouch for you? (Optional): Roster Boss's @{BOA}Cole @Dredge Arma Division Leader’s Lacie The Reaper Members Miguel Robrogamer Kat Jenks SkullKraka Trials not listed
  7. In-Game Name: The Reaper Age: 18 Timezone: Cst Hours In ArmA: 4,650 https://gyazo.com/5ad9e398b4e43a04d09c78d765e3031f Hours Played Daily: Around 5 - 12 Previous Gangs: Renegade, Limitless Do You Have Knowledge Of Cartels: Yes Why Do You Want To Join φrimitive: Limitless died and i'm looking for an active gang to fight with, I also have quite a few friends in Primitive.
  8. +1 Can teach history while fighting cartels
  9. Application What is your in-game name?: The Reaper Timezone: Cst Screenshot of your hours on Arma 3: https://gyazo.com/6f0efceb0c42dcd68b4a160f64e36151 What are you previous gang affiliations?: Blackwing, Renegade Why do you want to join Limitless?: Renegade died out and i'm looking for a decent gang to fight with. Do you have immense experience fighting cartels?: Yes, the past gangs i was in fought cartels most of the time i was on.
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