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  1. 15 k = 3 X hathbacks. I think that sound about right value wise. By At least some people slammed it seems normally u saw m driven around in circles for 30 mins till someone gets bored and yolos it .
  2. Doors were stupid, let's drive around in circles because fuck it me car is immortal to ur mk, got pretty good brakes and speed. Why they are expensive without doors as @Mason Statham stated is fucking regarded. Qilins were super aids tho, don't do it to urself
  3. Everything is allows by captains as long as u don't annoy the other captains
  4. So ur losing to people stuck in a room that's probably 2 square meters. I think ur trying to say the APD is just doodoo
  5. paintballing should be allowed in HQ's 5 min pre restart if/when no civs around or endangered. #changemymind
  6. why does it sound to me like i said i am gonna poop. I swear i said i was gonna push him. Also in the group chat u can see the tyranny that is called space. Asylum thinks they know how to flame. U don't know untill u have litterally been flamed by a person who doesn't speak
  7. dutch classic played at all Dutch House parties Translation, big tits potato salad
  8. Why the fuck did u think it was a good idea to make an American playlist. Americans have no taste in music Edit, if u got house people in there just throw some Swedish house Mafia in there. It will prob work.
  9. Looks 2 bad for pulldowns, think he just overcompensates
  10. Wonder what the extreme feminists would say about this. But but that's not fair, cleavage is our way of making money
  11. DO YOU OWN A MUSTANG!!! AND A COUCH. I don't exactly remember the couch part but I swear he said something about a couch and a 43 inch tv
  12. Yeah seen a lot of pistol bangers but with my ping and slow reactions I wouldn't even have been able to turn around
  13. Idk maybe I have too much hope, but I just can't imagine this being a fun troll. I can understand twitch trolling and in game cause u get a live voice reaction. But yet again maybe too much hope for scriptkiddies
  14. Even tho I don't believe that all the times that asylum has claimed to be DOS attacked they actually have been. I can't imagine some kiddo consistently wanting to press a script button to commit a crime. I don't think it would stay interesting
  15. fucking rodrigo damn, wasn't even from 1 kilometer out
  16. I mean yeah if they are gonna treat m like this then might aswell remove m, means less traffic towards asylum, and we all know asylum can't handle those packages too well.
  17. again a free to play game isnt a service. The developing of it is. I understand u have problems reading, but i agree on the not wasting time anymore. Main point: If u don't pay for something, don't expecting something.
  18. neither of those owe you anything, if i develop a free server i don't owe u anything, if i develop a free game i don't owe u anything. The point is, if you don't pay for a service, u don't have the rights to anything whatsoever. Where did i say developing a game isnt a service?
  19. u quoted me where i said if anyone could show me a service that people recieve without paying for it. U said free to play game, that aint a service. Just correcting ur correction, that's it
  20. Yeah it's not my state to give any numbers, this is just a simple way of calculating a dynamic blood money number. Every person and software engineer can figure this out. Just a simple formula
  21. In that case it's a simple change Xamount / member count / Y Y being Current player count / max players * 100 So with 11 people on and 2 members ( and a random number of 500 k blood money) 500000 / 2 /11 / 110 * 100= 20.6k
  22. And do these developers that make u free game owe u anything. A game is not a service. Services is stuff like support, people making actions for you. The asylum developers are delivering u a service for free is a privilege, u cant make any demands on it. If a dev told you to fuck off on asylum u can't do a thing about it. Ur local store tells u to fuck off with ur recently bought broken product, u can take action.
  23. Start it off at a static number, which is worth to afk cap, cause let's be real from my EU experience a while ago it was laying in cap with a gun and playing some other game, watching Netflix or working. I doubt it has changed. Idk if this will actually promote gang members to go afk online, just so they leech blood money of the gang but I assume the gangs will deal with those themselves. For instance when less than 30 people on Xamount / member count / 3 Between 30 and 70 people on Xamount / member count / 2 Between 70 and 110 Xamount / member count / 1 X am
  24. Let me know when u find someone who delivers u services without you paying for it. And I don't mean charity or stuff like that. Guess what no1 is paying a salary, so u can't expect people to do anything. Anything u get, see it as a privilege or a bonus. Not something u deserve or they owe u. Lock this up
  25. Could make paychecks based on the amount of people on. That don't seem to difficult
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