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  1. Thank god, evidence was broken as hell. Also, I tried the "send to jail in 1 minute" thing you guys implemented and it did not work. I didn't even have the option.
  2. Oh wow, this rat gang is worse than I thought lmao
  3. I think you retards broke the metal plates in the prison with this patch. Hot fix when?
  4. Dude, nobody asked for variable earplugs, I don't want to toggle between three volumes, give us an option to disable this trash.
  5. Federal Events fuckin suck, I just want to be a patrol officer. Nerf them, or place a timer on them. (One raid per restart, per federal location)
  6. Bring back the richest list asap and more jets for civs
  7. Sometimes after a long day, I like just flying my jet around practicing low approaches and various other maneuvers. It would be amazing to have more unarmed jets for wealthy civs to invest in. Supersonic fighters would be a dream
  8. but guys, you don't have to wait till they respawn, you can just execute them and get their shit. I'm surprised more people did not vote for the drop defib option, because that sounds amazing.
  9. And how do you expect me to know that. Haven't played in months. I would get back on that list though if there was any value to being top 10. Add my list back 😡
  10. Give me my richest list back, I busted my ass for that. Literally the only reason I played. I want it displayed like the old days. Thanks
  11. Imagine showcasing the ugly m4 model instead of the awp lol
  12. What the fuck is a book? just kidding : ) astrophysics for people in a hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson is good
  13. The fact that you guys named the shopkeepers like that makes me think this V2 thing might be way bigger than we expected!
  14. The last one was a disaster. congrats to ds for winning it though
  15. we should do a purge style day like this. that would be so cool as an event
  16. Love that they're still supporting their game even though they said Tanks was the last addition. I wonder much of it will make it into V2
  17. From somebody who was a a career politician for an entire year, let me give you some first hand advice: Offer the constituents $2,000 for fulfilling their civic responsibility.
  19. Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks boys.
  20. please fucking delete the houses that are already sold. what is the point of keeping them? it makes it hard to focus.
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