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  1. i see you are a big fan. I renamed your alt account to something more appropriate. 

    1. Roice


      I'll pick all your peaches @Peach Picker

    2. Tony


      Who is the Peach Picker?

  2. like the freaks who cried about feds and crank so its nerfed into the ground
  3. Shout out my favorite sergeant Max Shorefield, he inspired me with his amazing police roleplay to become the APD officer I am today
  4. or just read through the unimplemented reasonable quality of life suggestions before adding shitty content
  5. clean up mission file space by removing medic
  6. Unpopular opinion: add smokes to hunters like on some koth servers it would really balance it out because there are smokes for all the other armored vehicles
  7. Stop making pussy middle man suggestions and make the chad move that anything used against the cops is able to be seized at discretion Much better dominant stance instead of being a simp and posting whatever some retard cried about in a cop channel
  8. When I was a cop I loved going to federal events. The only kids who don't are bad. Just get off the server or leave after 2 lives, people with opinions like this are normally no help to the cops actually putting in work at feds in the past. I would have loved to go to these zergs against unskilled players. ifrits get seized hunters dont ya know, the point of this post? a real argument is bounty hunter is nerfed so hard that mxs shouldn't even be illegal. It was a pointless nerf that does literally nothing. Just another charge for cops to add to people already doing illegal things or just fucking over any bounty hunter doing their jobs legally. Also retarded cops acting like there is something to do besides federal events 90% of the time lul have fun playing redzone simulator and driving around for circles for hours finding no one because no one makes money in 2020
  9. who ever the retard that gave @Infamous [FULL SEND] constable is
  10. this man has not experienced the sheer thrill of using bh hunters against cops, armor v armoring them and fucking with them so hard and in the end they can't do shit to your hunter have some fun for once in your life pal
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