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  1. In-game name: h0usex Arma 3 hours (provide a screenshot): 201 Previous gangs: the dogs Who can vouch for you: 0_0
  2. House ;)

    Gang Wars

    2 drunk commentators?
  3. wow bherk epic gaming ig +1
  4. if you stopped doing coke in hemmet boxes it wouldnt be a problem
  5. lmao what? I know that I think I made that pretty clear. Why are you so mad? I think you should stop investing so much time into crying about getting absolutely stomped every domination and start investing time into therapy and maybe a job. But hey man thats just my opinion
  6. wipe homes and gang banks. give everyone a week notice to sell their shit and give paychecks. might be a fun little rat race
  7. House ;)

    New Mods

    fuck @Vortex and his stupid fucking jeep happy 4 u buddy
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