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  1. the song was so boring I almost fell asleep but nice shots
  2. better than most of the garbage content posted this year +1
  3. In-game name : Chunky Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) : 500 How active will you be per week? : too many Previous Gangs : Onyx, FSM, Twelve Monkeys, Space Force, Sofia Cartel EU/NA? : who the fuck cares i play too much Anyone in the guild that can vouch for you? oskars sister, obviously. haha ("Anything else i should say to him that'll get him tilted crh?)
  4. top void mid void low void ? Mark GGERS on top
  5. sean?????????? WEELCOME back big homie
  6. Basically here in NY it's been pretty hectic a good few confirmed cases. My house is under mandatory quarantine for the reason of, my mom has had influenza-like symptoms but only got tested for covid-19 and we have to wait 3-5 days to get the result yesterday after having to call an ambulance because she had trouble breathing. Shit sucks, no canned food, no toilet paper, no cleaning supplies. I had to close the doors to my business because of all this shit going on, 6 super cars sitting in a warehouse because I can't open my doors until my mom is medically cleared, I can't have my employees there even though I trust them and need to get shit done. I understand they have the right to spend this time at home and practice all "Mandated Protocol" . I just hope all employers are treating their employees right. I'm still paying them maximum part time off the books so they don't get fucked in taxes during this time and can keep a roof over their wives and kids heads. I also just bought a GT63s that got rear ended 2 blocks away from Mercedes 10 minutes after the keys were given to me. This virus has been blown way out of proportion by mainstream media but honestly, I understand all the chaos over it as well if we don't stay at home and practice social distancing this thing could get really out of hand.
  7. imagine being a sweaty kid gassed up over dropping someone with a po7, go brush your teeth bro i can smell your breath from new york
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