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  1. we created the strat you abused it
  2. just play dior on repeat
  3. cartels suck

    1. Peterr
    2. 𝐸 𝒶 𝓏 𝓎

      𝐸 𝒶 𝓏 𝓎

      id say that if my gang hadnt won in years as well

    3. House ;)

      House ;)

      @Carole Baskin still bad at the game dont talk to me

      caring about cartels in 2020 yikes

  4. Still in a rental. hopefully get the car back soon
  5. social distancing don't worry! stayed in the car with my girlfriend the whole time whose been with me since shit hit the fan. Couple friends wanted to link and see what the city looked like at 2AM during quarantine, 0 contact 0 dabbing each other up
  6. lmk what yall think feedback is appreciated
  7. Stay inside

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    2. GravL


      but it’s boring 😴 

    3. tom


      No, I am not letting the democrats steal my American rights. This BIO weapon is over hyped and is causing fear to put people into submission. Stop blindly listening to CNN like the Globalists want you too. WAKE UP

    4. House ;)

      House ;)

      @tom I live in new york and promise you its dangerous. Maybe its not all its knocked up to but its bad out here

  8. you dont make money on online poker. simple as that. the real money is live tables. we can play for some real money if you'd like I had to go make food. Im bored.
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