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Remove/Reduce weapon sway/ add no stamina perk

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1 hour ago, Bob Danaloo said:

Like Nicholas said use redgulls for stamina, and if you REALLY need reduced sway, pre-rolls give you -12% for 1 minute and bongs give you reduced sway for 3 minutes I think.

The pre-rolls is true. However, the bad side is the smoke that gives you away. If you're going up against an experienced player, you'll be the most likely to die first, tbh. Something to consider if you're going to do that.

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Being an out of breath asthmatic after walking 10 steps & having my gun shake like an addicts hands in rehab is core gameplay to arma3.
We have items in the game for stamina/sway (Cocaine/Various weed products/red gull).

Out right removing sway is probably never going to happen. I could see more items in the future that reduce sway.

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