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All Server Loans!


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NO's Loans

*I actually try to give a shit about RP if you're just here to shitpost then have at it, but understand you're part of the problem*

I am loaning money on all servers. 


  • First loan max amount is 1.75x your current net worth (some special exceptions)
  • If you fail to pay back your first loan you will be barred from ever taking a loan with us again
  • If your loan is overdue - the interest doubles, the next amount you may take out does NOT increase and you are suspended from taking another loan for 3 days
  • If you shit post or attempt to scam you will just be barred from taking loans 
  • If you pay a loan on time and without a fight or excessive reminder - your next loan max amount will increase by 1.75x and interest will not change!
  • You may only have one loan at once
  • You are responsible if the item you take a loan for is destroyed 
  • Real estate loans are preferred
  • Feel free to add me on steam AFTER filling out application
  • Recovery agents, if items are unpaid will often repossess vehicles, bounty collect, or seize assets to compensate for unpaid items
  • If you threaten/attack a recovery agent your loan payback amount is increased and you are barred from taking more loans 
  • Recovery agents will wear yellow vests and identify themselves to you.

Apply Here!




You will be talked to further when you apply! <3 

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On 2/23/2018 at 6:01 AM, nirvanamonkey said:

First loan max amount is 1.75x your current net worth (some special exceptions)


I also have about 15 ifrits and 15 orcas so thats another 3mil

Houses and other vehicles maybe another 2mil

With my net worth of 14mil I would like to take out a small loan of 24.5mil

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