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  1. I can add a check for lower calibre guns and keep them out of the HEMTT. Additionally there is plans to add seized drugs/Y inventory into the HEMTT, so both guns and the items would spawn together, then it's up to you what you want to do with the items.
  2. I avoided adding ammo because #1: its cheap #2: it takes up space that could be occupied by another gun
  3. The poll from a week ago, 74% voted no, a lot more people than just some of those in your list voted no. The initial implementation of this was also criticised and argued heavily against, and the same majority opinion remains.
  4. Hotfix #2: Added all deer stands back to the Fed. Removed global tracker from evidence lockup HEMTT. Removed ability to slingload evidence lockup HEMTT. Tweaked evidence lockup HEMTT to spawn locked, requiring lock picking. Fixed bug where individual wanted listed charges would disappear. Fixed the downing bug again.
  5. We do have that in our admin chat, all you see though is the same thing Jesse showed with links that wouldn't work for you
  6. Interacting with it refreshes it's idle time, same with vehicles. Can't be persistent because they need to be cleaned up with the redzone.
  7. Gen. Henry Arnold

    New dlc

    Not this first community DLC, and probably none after, as they aren't licensed by Bohemia.
  8. Posting every little commit that is worked on else where will just delay the rewrite. I'd just follow the trello for the big scheme of things.
  9. not even a full hour smh, not looking good for this season. Also need to turn up the contrast on my PC, those dark scenes were just black screen.
  10. Hotfix #1 Tweaked stopping the Evidence Lockup robbery to require APD to clear inside of rebels. Tweaked balance of Evidence Lockup robbery to make it easier for rebels to succeed. Added a check to prevent placement of checkpoint props inside the Evidence Lockup. Added a APD garage inside the Evidence Lockup, accessible only during elevated security, to allow cops to take rebels and evidence back to HQ. Added a check to prevent the Federal Reserve from being robbed during a Evidence Lockup robbery. Added a car garage at the government building in Pyrgos. Removed Drug Field rotation. All Drug Fields will be in their original locations prior to the system being implemented. Removed 2019 promotional skins unlocking. The rewards will be permanently unlocked to those who took advantage of the promotion. Thanks to those who played! Fixed an exploit where the airdrop could be opened prematurely. Fixed a bug with getting up immediately after being downed. Fixed a bug where the cleanup script would not work. Fixed a bug where buying items would not charge your account.
  11. This way people can vote now and know what to expect in the future and not find out last minute that their houses are not usable anymore
  12. Vote above and discuss below. The communities input will be the deciding factor.
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