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  1. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Yea there’s more map edits being done
  2. Gen. Henry Arnold

    it's a feature

    theres another sign with that image, 50k if you find it
  3. Gen. Henry Arnold

    it's a feature

    Yea i noticed that when i was adding mag refills to cops, where is that?
  4. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Spawn Selection Menu

    We can look into this, I like the idea
  5. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Rodo allows for faster gathering, so a shorter delay between each gather. Hop in and it enables the rear and side seats of the cargo van.
  6. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Change Log 8.3.1

    There are none and won’t be
  7. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Change Log 8.3.1

    This is our first patch on our new, more reliable server host. These servers will allow for less downtime when something does go wrong, and is a step toward better servers. Additionally the forums have been updated so we may utilise new plugins and features coming real soon. With this said, we are still working on server performance and optimising our mission file. We would also like to thank all who helped us achieve Community Goals 4! Also welcome our newest contributor @Azeh, who will be helping our development team achieve the best! Compressed mission file size. Prestige titles and benefits now unlock via bank wealth. You must maintain the required wealth to keep the title and perks unlocked. Removed Prestige/Renown converting. Rodopoli and Gang Talent perks function correctly now. Added the ADR-97 (P90) to Rebel Outpost. Added the Type 115 to Rebel Outpost and UC. Added the Katiba GL (Smokes only) to Rebel Outpost. Added the Survival Fatigues to Rebel Outpost, Skip Tracer, and UC. Added the ability to toggle earplugs while processing. Added Mag Refill to Cop Shops. Increased payout for seizing illegal vehicles. Changed disarming to only disarm into nearby police vehicles or HQ. Changed NPC names from my name jeff. Fixed donor item exploit. Fixed exploits while downed or restrained. Fixed mag refill eating grenades. Fixed naked bug sync and associated exploit. Fixed downing script reliability. Fixed animation for lock picking Fed vaults. Fixed cartel cap exploits. Fixed unusable helicopter spawn locations. Fixed DP crate spawn locations. Fixed DLC cargo van seating. Fixed exploit with Tactical View. Tweaked tent placement checks. Disabled Parole. Disabled Asylum Exchange (See linked post for information).
  8. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Cartel Contesting

    Being discussed
  9. Gen. Henry Arnold


  10. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Better tutorial system for new people/ingame wiki

    I want to add some kind of hyperlinks in game to the wiki, forums, discord, etc
  11. Gen. Henry Arnold


    maybe at some point
  12. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Change Log 8.3.0

  13. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Why does this happen?

    Default NPC name, btw heli spawns fixed for next hotfix
  14. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Chess Tournament 2/9/19 8PM EST 1Mil in Prizes

    Can you host it in Identity please?
  15. Gen. Henry Arnold

    Where did one of the best cartels go?

    maybe itll be something else