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  1. Win for unban
  2. but you quit
  3. do it for the snap
  4. hacker!
  5. will add this to our wiki, thanks
  6. Welcome to Asylum! Check out
  7. Next convoy event will have a global tracker on the HEMTTs so rebels can get them easier
  8. As long as one person doesn't comply, you can't control what the vest kills.
  9. Intentions must be clearly stated to the intended target, and they MUST be given reasonable time to react. So no
  10. We once had turn signals, no more lights for players to mess with
  11. yikes
  12. The MX 6.5 rifle available from skip tracer is plenty for taking down people, some even complain about that being too much . For orcas and ifrits, get yourself a rebel buddy with an RPG
  13. So did all those hackers you mentioned But welcome to Asylum! I recommend checking out to make the most of your gameplay!
  14. now elect a better governor
  15. keep monkeyboo out of this