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  1. More Arma
  2. But a fully talented BH can't use 7.62...
  3. Buff orcas? What? Rotorscript was just removed, you now have flying tanks. Fly backwards, don't show your windows and don't autohover.
  4. Does anyone craft weapons?
  5. $165 for 16gb ram? why, because it's ddr4 3000mhz?
  6. Meth Cocktail: Meth: ?
  7. Prison is being investigated, bugged underground bodies looks like a Arma 3 bug for now.
  8. Go Blue.
  9. It's like the center of the map on a main road
  10. Team USA baby Did you make it for the mohawk?
  11. @E4^ add this to your post Multiple games experience issues with the Windows 10 Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) causing the Bad Module Info Error. Revert to the previous version 1703 via:
  12. Post here and it will get fixed.