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  1. Copied valid discussion from previous thread. Vote or discuss. Offtopic discussion will be removed.
  2. Well v2 is a major overhaul and has UI changes.
  3. Everything has static prices, there is no demand, you can sell anything you want
  4. I already said this on another post. You buying keys with in-game money does not help us with server costs. We have to work with what Bohemia allows.
  5. At least you didn't whiff like me last night
  6. No just when selling now
  7. Do you mean crate keys? Not going to help us with how Bohemia treats servers already.
  8. Yea there's a huge delay to when it shoots vs kills, I've died behind cover to the lag.
  9. Buy 2/3 legal materials safely in any town then gather 1/3 illegal materials from nearly anywhere on the map not exclusive to an illegal red zone that could get you killed, robbed or arrested. Waiting for the next dumb comment on how scotch got nerfed into the ground and is not worth it anymore.
  10. The price of scotch has not been nerfed. Scotch will now auto age until 15yr, and it used to take a full restart to get to 25yr. Now you can take your 15yr and age it/sell it in under 10 min. There is just a little more risk involved. Scotch is still the second most profitable item to sell behind meth. Don't be lazy.
  11. The prices to upgrade virtual storage are around the same as buying a large crate to increase it by 1000 from v1. (So for 3000 storage you're paying the same as buying 3 large v1 crates). Physical storage has gotten a huge buff, where a single crate could only store something like 30-60 MK1s, now they can store x10-x20 that amount. The physical storage upgrades are aimed more for gang houses and where gangs can pool their money together to get a large physical inventory to gear up from. And nothing in v2 is set in stone. There's a lot of new changes and they will all be closely monitored.
  12. Ok buddy stop breaking stuff I will correct myself and say that the notifications are not tied with the old hint location and can scripted/moved (lower?), or you can move your stamina bars. I recommend moving the ammo count/stamina bar to the lower center of your screen
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