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  1. List them on the Asylum exchange and I'm sure you'll get buyers fast, those are low prices.
  2. Welcome to Asylum. I hope you don't vape.
  3. To clutter it even more? Why take one hotkey and turn it into at least 2 separate actions?
  4. Welcome to Arma and the Asylum community! If you need help with any in game mechanics, check out and see you in game! Feel free to ask questions!
  5. 1) The bench variant was added without advanced flight model being required. This allows multiple seats for hot drops with risk of less armor. 2) Crafting recipe is there, it's just not in fn_recipes.sqf, maybe an error, maybe not, will get back to you.
  6. This guy stealing my quotes
  7. RS3

    Rs3 is ezscape, just buy out bossing stats
  8. Can i play if i have VR? Or am i too good then?
  9. Hmm, what about catwalks between each bank building in pyrgos?
  10. Add a poll @william
  11. Welcome to Arma and the Asylum community! Thanks for playing with us too! If you need any help with the Asylum mechanics, check out our wiki guides like: See you in game!
  12. Should it have more cover? This is a single editor object to minimise impact on performance.
  13. Can we get the quotes removed from around side chat?
  14. They opened Apex assets to all players.
  15. If the bank ever comes back, yay or nay to a side ladder replacement with the Tanoa fire escape stairs? Or even have it at the Pyrgos bank. Lot of complaints with ladders not working, and you won't get lethaled off the roof anymore.