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  1. oh thats you who I got, van should of blown up
  2. Welcome to the Asylum community Freelad! I suggest checking out for Asylum and Altis Life mechanics to get you started. Hope to see you around!
  3. Go to Olympus then. Their stream is also muted; not much of an upgrade from our own, that was hosted by volunteers for hours and days and people still complain.
  4. The battle royale is free to play.
  5. You're correct. This is the radius for being inside prison. It does not include certain parts of where prisoners are even supposed to be. Good catch. I've got a fix for it.
  7. SIMPLE CHANGE And what is your recommendation for player housing, gang housing, cop rosters, etc? House cap is 5+ 1 for gang house per person. I don't think a simple comp will work. GL finding a reasonable house for sale on server 1 or 2 (or any). Getting a gang to start up again in a good spot will be very hard. Do you increase the sgt and lt cap per server when you remove 2? Do you want more authorised lethals and house raids? What would the new civ cop ratio be? Can you even do successful drug runs with cops everywhere? Yes, the idea has been thrown out there, but none of you think of the consequences... easy if you play 1 or 2 with a booming gang and the best houses/sheds.
  8. This does not use RGBA values in the setobjecttexture script, they are low resolution jpg images with file sizes that add up to under 1mb (I think it's 600kb right now, with room to lower this). If you set the colour of the faces with the RGBA, they look very flat and have 0 detail.
  9. I’ve tried the script before, that’s how some of the hellcats are textured, there’s no visable detail on them and they look very flat. These are small images that imo look better than the rgb script
  10. Plain or Camo?
  11. Some Ifrit pride. All under 1mb now stop asking for these
  12. 60kb .06% of 1mb, 0.0017566459772807% of current mission file of 34mb shit quality as a mock idea, could be given proper depth and detail and remain under 100 or 50 kb,
  13. Do you have the Master Bounty Hunter talent? The ratio between bounty size and honor received is very low. Some of the information regarding that is available publicly through our mission file, while the rest of the formula is behind server files. The information I could provide you is that generally you will receive honor equal to the (Bounty Price / 50). In your case, you should have received 100 honor from the arrest as long as you did not share.
  14. Taru Transport still requires advanced flight model. The Bench variant does not require it.
  15. + you can refer to our visual textual guide: