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  1. At some point it will make sense to make the whitelisted medics the best at doing medical tasks, how this will be done will be trivial.
  2. maybe, just have to find a method that works with all house models
  3. Rebel is cash on hand, there is no tax. Vote for someone else or run yourself.
  4. Hotfix #2: Fixed split cop pay not paying the original player. Fixed group names showing on NPCs. Tweaked Tactical Pings to auto delete after 5 minutes. Tweaked RPG damage for different vehicle types. Fixed exploit with chopping trees. Fixed bug with multiple Federal Reserve Robbery charges. Increased time before Rebel Airdrop disappears.
  5. Selling 4-fives $2 paypal each, pm me
  6. http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/
  7. Ok. But the cops still have to seize something to stop you from just paying the ticket and making your scotch behind their back when they leave.
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