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  1. Disabled due to exploits, and seldom used.
  2. South side of the large rectangle building, left of the dome. There are 2 NPCs, 1 for vehicle garage, the other for the gear shop.
  3. You only need Master Bounty Hunter (civilian talent). Although Crusader or Predator will allow you to buy the MX. If you're using the Kavala one, once you enter the race track, turn immediately right for the NPC who sells guns and clothing.
  4. New patch, delete the old mission file and try rejoining
  5. One of the black markets has been moved more east to Orina in the 8.0.6 patch in December 2017. They used to both be on the very west of the map.
  6. I don't get access to the Asylum git, I just dePBO the mission files as they come out. @Scott I use MS Paint, get it right! I've been working on a colored hex script, I have it working only for newly created groups using the cellphone, and will only use the leaders HUD color. Trying to get it to work per client, and move it to cops and gangs. The devs have seen this, and Gnashes even helped me with testing if it used his HUD settings.
  7. Stop crashing them so much
  8. And the Laws of War van
  9. Do you know what WTB means? @Tropical Put the server you're buying on!
  10. Open the layout settings in the options and reset it to the default. I think I once tried to rescale some UI elements and it messed up the GPS. That worked for me way back
  11. @VatslavI had the same exact issue months ago, I’ll try to look around for how I fixed it
  12. What is dead may never die. Welcome back server 2
  13. I got my CFI for fixed wing aircraft, I'll teach you airspace rules and regulations and get you ready for your Private certificate checkride!
  14. Cartel KOS is conditionally 300m from cap. You were reviving dead players who posed a threat to the gang at the cap. I would personally shoot you too. Use best judgement when approaching dangerous situations. If you're interesting in reviving dead players at hostile gang zones, text the appropriate parties and ask for permission to help. Distances are lateral to the centre calculated at 0 elevation. Altitude does not play a role in this.