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  1. Who?
  2. You have to press C twice
  3. Mic sensitivity in game settings? In game VOIP is lower quality than TS or Discord.
  4. Pics or it didnt happen @Legit
  5. Should of used you reposted in the wrong neighborhood
  6. Meth cocktail having its own icon so 8.0 will be lit, gang life will be back and all problems will be solved
  7. 230k
  8. He looked at me as he said it, I am wet now
  9. another sneaky post about "Red / Dark Blue sports hatch back / Black Orca Skins". The last line with the two titles, when would you get those?
  10. formatting issue? or info issue? Info was pulled from mission file and may not be used in game properly, so we will do further tests
  11. The Weapon and Vehicle crafting guide is live on the wiki along with the Turtle Poaching Guide thanks to @patato12. Expect further guides to be updated and posted in the near future. View them here: and please provide community feedback!
  12. I agree, we were told to avoid the crafting guides (potential reworks?) and then we were told to cease updating, I hope we can get it back up and running and definitely can use more community help like yours
  13. The wiki gets occasional updates such as game rules, staff lists, APD changes. The last edit was made July 9th, we still have the ability to edit it.
  14. Have you actually looked at the wiki recently? Nearly every guide is finished and follows a formula for format.
  15. @patato12 and I have been working on the wiki for few months updating guides and other sections. The wiki was managed by Will and he as of now is retired staff and asked us to cease updating it. We have receive help from @Midamaru and @Mayhem as well. We asked about it awhile ago, here is the original thread: