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  1. Was this @Gaskal
  2. The Taru, and any helicopter, may be freely flown in any flight settings you choose. We do not enforce advanced flight model, before that was done via script. Feel free to fly your way.
  3. making stuff up
  4. @Mitch (IFRIT) wooow taking the credit
  5. That's a change by Bohemia in their Tanks DLC update, nothing we changed.
  6. @Patato is the wiki
  7. You just got new moderators. Everything is caught up.
  8. What do you mean? All illegal vehicles get seized by the cops regardless if they’ve moved or not. Your question is vague.
  9. They are inop for the time being. A fix is in the works for a future hotfix.
  10. When people think I’ve only done skins to get here
  11. Congratz on mod!

  12. Bamfs original poll above /\ And this was made 6 days ago \/
  13. It's not supposed to and is on a list with a few other bank buildings that will change.
  14. @Kunt Can you show where this garage is located on the map.