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  1. Actually doesn’t sound half bad unless I misread something. Don’t agree with the lock option for 24 hours tho. With the servers and the player numbers they are now, seems too much
  2. 10/10 music
  3. Not gonna lie, these videos are trying to get me to play again.........
  4. They grow up so fast gj
  5. See everyone always tried arguing with me. Told you all @Nv Sheep was a genious
  6. great to see an old time video. also i LOL'd boy how true was that with that gang
  7. welsh cakes for everyone
  8. 2/10, no video intro so meh
  9. 10/10 as per usual xD
  10. FFS go to sleep
  11. your photoshop is on point. oh my
  12. looks photoshopped imo