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  1. Hmm I seem to have some old videos that should be pretty good. Also @Alec-Iit might be time to let that soundboard loose........ just maybe
  2. Oh ok, last time I save you feelsbadman
  3. Just so happens that a lead dribbler position has opened up.
  4. Actually some of you little weirdos should listen to @explicit and start acting like normal people.......
  5. For the love of god, will you fuckers quit using plays tv. Like dafuq is wrong with you people, and you all know who you are ............. ps, I didn’t watch the video
  6. you need an i7 instead of the 5. you can get by with the ram but obv 16 would be a lot better. imo 1070 should be the minimum, all of this depends on budget however
  7. Actually doesn’t sound half bad unless I misread something. Don’t agree with the lock option for 24 hours tho. With the servers and the player numbers they are now, seems too much
  8. Not gonna lie, these videos are trying to get me to play again.........
  9. See everyone always tried arguing with me. Told you all @Nv Sheep was a genious
  10. As stated several times before, fuckoff we don't care about your +/- 1...... no seriously we really don't
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