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  1. White list and leave it at that. Would be nice to see Medic progression though in terms of ranks/hierarchy.
  2. Remove. The time is best spent revisiting other features prior to v2 that aren't currently in-game, and creating new content.
  3. The second clip is a slug not pellets. Either way remove it asap.
  4. GO7NEY


    beat me to it
  5. oh look it's the new kid.
  6. It's common. Not easy to see in the GIF but was a headshot and he has not headgear at all. Hitboxes are shit.
  7. because you would survive a 7.62 through your neck and chest and be able to RUN away wouldn't you.
  8. Got a couple things to touch up first. Just wanted feedback on it so far. What u mean. Shall I make you a Chess Ifrit?
  9. The Hyper Beast Ifrit. @william Requested a Hyper Beast skin, and the Ifrit suited it best. Let me know what you think. More photos later. [UPDATED]:
  10. Whoever banned you deserves a big pat on the back
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