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  1. Couldn’t care about anything else atm other than them fixing hit boxes and vehicle collision which probably won’t happen
  2. Either that or boosting gold bar spawns didn't go as planned. I think I know which is more likely!
  3. Tried and there's no gold to take. The fed doesn't work plain and simple.
  4. who mentioned a snatch and grab you air head
  5. With all due respect to the devs, this patch has broken a lot of things. We just spent ages at the fed fighting to get the HEMMT in and when we did none of the domes have gold in quite a bit through the restart. Not to mention tildes being broken, names being stuck on client UI when someone dies or just generally sometimes etc etc Are these patches tested before release?
  6. The plants and pit was a Gnashes thing. He wanted people to spend time making money. Nobody liked it hence why it was removed. The poll results at the moment support that pretty well too.
  7. You spoiled it when you shouted ‘I am a g’
  8. GO7NEY


    sssssssssssssssss it was a meme don't get your snake tail in a twist [Yesterday, 18:03] RO!CE: i know im sorry it lasted so long i didnt think it would but everyone just kind of went along with it and then i was in too deep to stop
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