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  1. shy kids get nothing
  2. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
  3. he said the NNNNNNNN worrrrrrrrrrd
  4. Fix one thing break 10 others it's the way it works
  5. bad streamer. can't stream for a continuous 20+ hours.
  6. It's like saying a cat and a dog are the same thing...
  7. Counting the times this has been made
  8. o7
  9. accepted on strict trial
  10. Added you, hmu when you are about.
  11. thanks for reminding me... no NA retards. Especially if your name is Crunched.
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/id/goyneyyy/
  13. s I n g l e s z z z z z
  14. "you're" time just got wasted. You are time just got wasted.