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  1. this changes the way graphs work forever
  2. www.twitch.tv/maikooxd
  3. Middle Earth Shadow of War
  4. all that sarcasm yet you play like you have never been to one!
  5. Not Pippi, Adam. Never had issues with Adam so you aren't a middleman in any battle. Probably linked the screenshot to Jimbo then he will have given it to you. I honestly couldn't care, It's obvious watching my montages from first to last that I don't cheat, I used them on KOTH and that's as far as it goes
  6. you missed the part where I said I don't use them, mind adding that? I'm disappointed in Pippi, I gotta say.
  7. I wasn't quiet or "afraid of doing anything" at all and there's plenty of people who would agree. The thing is I have never shown myself to you.. you found it??? As for the lag switch, I have barely played with Blade, and I haven't lag switched with him or at all so no clue where you got that from. This didn't concern you anyway, so please, find a hobby, and a job while you are at it.
  8. No clue where the lag switch bit came from. I'm no different now to when I was in FSA. Pretty rich saying I moved to a gang full of mongs because I moved FROM one too. And I don't know how you feel confident getting personal when nobody has seen you and you don't even have a job as far as I know. Denied twice, and I didn't bend gang wars rules to get into Envy like you. Not too sure why they even bother with you anymore, they were only using your admin privs. Says it all.
  9. You have turned into such a deng guy. It's not even that you are trying to be toxic it just doesn't suit you. If you are gonna rip the shit out of people for being bad you need to have made a good montage yourself, and I don't recall you ever making one. Feel free to correct me.
  10. yeah its fun It's NA only so against the desync it isn't great but other than that, it's fun.
  11. DS? Cap gangs to 5? They already can't hold a server with 18 people tagged give em space...
  12. If you play this game and you aren't shit let me know. We are looking for 1 or 2 GOOD players to join squads at NA times. [I'm EU but using VPN so I can play]