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  1. you will turn into a wonderful player one day I see it
  2. said the guy writing a novel to also shit talk using smiley faces and love hearts. you probably look like a raisin.
  3. I mean he used to play Olympus, that explains it really.
  4. You are acting as if defibs have just been implemented and that they have affected fights suddenly. They have been in for a long time and they will be in for the duration of the server I can guarantee you that.
  5. You know absolutely nothing about cartels and that's pretty obvious just by reading this.
  6. good luck making that work
  7. kthxbai. Need a dusty piano stream sometime soon. Love you buddy.
  8. still clueless as to who you are but I have feelings for you
  9. Yet again, votes in the favor of career cops. 5/6 are LT's. Rebel faction is dying so let's keep killing it.
  10. @Roice @Gaskal At least 2 people who deserved it got it this time
  11. 2 months behind the internet buddy my grandad is even bored of this meme
  12. I like it
  13. look at all those corporals liking this very average montage