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  1. FEELS
  2. At least someone around here knows how to make a montage Nice job my man d u m b l i t .
  3. Your Inbox is full. Message me. http://steamcommunity.com/id/goyneyyy/
  4. I posted something nice. Do I get a sticker?
  5. @casperskate Normally I would be the cunt on a thread like this but I am nice now. As all of the autistic wonder childs have been saying above, use combat stance. Depending on when you started playing arma, it will be binded to either single tap C or double tap C. This basically allows you to raise your gun every time you stop sprinting way faster, so someone without it is at a huge disadvantage in a gunfight compared to someone who has. It cuts the delay out between you stopping sprinitng and starting to shoot. Most important, don't make a thread for shit like this. You become a retard in many eyes to put it simply. Save clips like this up and make a montage that isn't wank like the majority these days. why am I not telling you to kys I dunno, I AM REFORMED
  6. You bet me to it. Should probably check over before you release your work. Saving space is a bad excuse also, just saying. Looks good though
  7. Laugh my fucking off ass
  8. We talking about my art or your playstyle and montages Nah... can't be washed... you have never been close to good. Little mong
  9. How is a Tank update going to improve Asylums player base. These players will log in, do 1 money run, get mass kicked then never come back from the sale. As for Arma being a better game than PUBG... wake up and compare the player base. At least they get frequent updates and I'm sure they wouldn't take as long as Bohemia to fix cars getting stuck in fucking sand.
  10. This is why you don't make memes ok
  11. god awwwfulllll