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  1. @Heidelberg
  2. Yo who we hitting today Reddit or tumblr?
  3. 35 seems fair
  4. @bamf 50K is a lot for a RPG round yes its a one shot one kill on a person like most explosives in arma but on vic's its not always a one hit like the vest is and people buy vests for that assured one hit in most cases, So maybe you might consider lowering the price for the rockets?
  5. Holy shit someone got the joke.
  6. Fixed it for you!
  7. I was a rebel and broke free of my child harness
  8. Honestly You could have used the firing squad clip from Valkyrie
  9. @tammyfetter92 This guy throws amazing partys
  10. I want roleplay not wasteland
  11. Its like a bunch of really OCD kids having a fit because something was changed around in there safe space
  12. Fix your internet?
  13. I spell fly so much It just kicked in ya know