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  1. Whats your skype
  2. Yea you should give it to me and @TheCrestedPenguin for free because we are amazing people and too poor to waste money on crates
  3. A bunch of illiterate fuck tards spewing garbage from their mouth like some sort of special ed kid. Raps garbage and always has been.
  4. What happend to malden
  5. #BringBackBuggies
  6. camping turtle dealer with a deagle oof
  7. Lol
  8. We dont need bipods, Most of us can just Pull down on our mouse
  9. What ever helps you sleep at night.
  10. Pilot gets shot out first thing you see in chat after that
  11. Took me forever to get jets on one country
  12. TBH War Thunder Is Better sadly we dont have ships yet
  13. IL2 is trash and I dont think I am a fighter pilot that would be absurd