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  1. This is a sweater. That just looked like one of my long sleeves
  2. 2 Shirts? really?
  3. Wait people dont ask for the nvgs? Why? If u want to rock into Police HQ as a "cadet" and dont see a hex but ur in full uni they wont question it and think its a bug. Then get mowed down after
  4. Your lack of capitalization and punctuation is killing me bud. I think that statement you made was nullified by itself.
  5. Ah a spar. I notice you're a man of culture.
  6. "Oh By the way catch" Lmao.
  7. I want downing 30MM and GBU's
  8. Wait did they block it lol?
  9. Movie Maker I suppose.
  10. Wait it was a community in the first place?
  11. We get it you bike.
  12. Oh.. Thought it was because his parents were home and if they heard him swear they'd shut off the internet
  13. Why does he keep saying deck?