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  1. @Mitch (IFRIT) you should block it off.
  2. The hackers are here because of the sale, as for the server performance, it's been happening for a while.
  3. Nice to meet you.
  4. The Government of Altis is doing this because they are not making enough money. Farmer Steve needs to be impeached!
  5. LOL
  6. So funny, I forgot to laugh.
  7. ??????????????????????????
  8. roice trying to find a good meme
  9. I don't know, is your English as good as the meme?
  10. oh and good bye innate <3
  11. If Governor actually worked. If you voted in the past 3 months, you can't vote again so the same person keeps getting it.
  12. bye
  13. monkey.
  14. I was sucking on my mom's tits