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  1. I was a pig but I want to leave that life and join the anarchist, may I pls have the honour of doing so
  2. How old are you: 17 Are you patient: Yes i am very Bounty Hunter or Rebel: I am a rebel Driving Skills 1-10: 6 Flying Skills 1-10: 8 Marksman Skills 1-10: 9 Role Playing Skills 1-10: 10
  3. Ludde

    Confused Prime member

    He literally said he’d never vdm again and got unbanned with five minutes cause he cried to admins, then went and vdm again and got banned again for 6 hours like it’s just pure autism
  4. Ludde

    Confused Prime member

    So clueless, Mcgregors bitch
  5. Ludde

    Confused Prime member

    So you admit to being someone’s bitch
  6. Ludde

    Confused Prime member

    @cHROME. @Tiger I think I’ve found their pocket admin
  7. Ludde

    Confused Prime member

    Sooooo mad, so cluelessssss
  8. Ludde

    Confused Prime member

    @Clint Beastwood @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Let the riots begin
  9. Ludde

    Confused Prime member

    I’ve reported him three different vdm reports, 2 different exploit and he even got permed on one occasion Nd it got lifted so niceeeee
  10. Still gonna fuck your sister in London xD
  11. Pieter, Ez wipe against prime even when tiger got new pc
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