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  1. Damn I am ready for Sunday already! I wanna see this big fight
  2. Next time you see him just spangle his ass lol.
  3. Yes. All you need to do is go into your phone in game and then go to setting, then there should be volume controls. You may also need to turn your overall sound up as well
  4. I swear you have 40 of those for each prison
  5. It’s funny how oblivious people can be. I lock picked a guy when he was being processed and got him unrestrained and he just mowed down cops
  6. Honestly I don’t see why there is complaining. Armor isn’t even pulled that often due to people using RPGs and the one time they do it, then there is complaining
  7. I think they should just add another location up there and keep the others where they are. Then it would give the cops more area to check
  8. Still looking for an industrial shed near DP11
  9. Looking to buy a industrial shed in DP14 or 15
  10. How often does the house script run, so that people that don’t play for awhile lose there house and other people can buy them so they can put it to good use
  11. Still looking for the owner
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