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  1. So we keep all our money we have now?
  2. Talk about the knee pads. No offense to Aslan
  3. Well homeuser has a point, so I don’t know why you want to block him from seeing suggestions
  4. Only Sgt+ have the talent to bypass the time perk
  5. I don’t think you know how asylum works. What Homeuser said is completely true
  6. I don’t own any houses anymore because I’m a career cop lol
  7. @Farmer [email protected] Of FunyunsI can see you guys driving the tractor around kavala
  8. The tractor should be the Apds new armor
  9. I agree scotch has a bigger payout and cops don’t patrol it much because it’s so far away. Don’t get me wrong I check there quite a bit. Lmao. There have been quite a bit of fights at banks and prisons mostly that keep us quite busy so we don’t patrol as much, but I like the fighting and plus it gives new people a chance to make some money
  10. your not supposed to fix the first bullet lmao jk
  11. I don't see anyone making drugs these days anyways so I don't think its a big deal tbh
  12. Server pops have been kinda low lately so I’m glad it’s being taken into consideration
  13. Sorry to say this Ron, but you did similar things as an constable
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