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  1. Yeah go push construction whilst holding bank, glad you've got the solution to this!
  2. Good solution just don't shoot them because they will only get instantly revived thank you for this solution! No point arguing with someone who can use the talent because it's obvious you're not going to see it as overpowered.
  3. Everyone understands how the SGT perks work the only difference is only people who can use it think it's fine and people who can't think it's overpowered. i've been in channels with tons of Lt's/Sgt's who literally say you peak and i'll just defib you when you die. Perfectly fine gameplay btw.
  4. Both should be a option just running about should provide more per 10s or w/e as running about leaves you at more risk.
  5. This is a sensational screenshot showing much details about the houses well done.
  6. Can't wait to charge some poor fucker with possession of barley.
  7. This no point getting on a server with less than 10 people I can drive around and not find a single person for ages pointless even logging on unless you want to mindlessly grind money over and over. Wasn't tanoa taken away because it was just a money farm?
  8. Make It possible to strip cops of gear. Boring asfk the whole " the gun is glued to my hand " ordeal. If you down and restrain someone you should be able to take whatever you want from them since they can't do anything.
  9. This is a visual representation of the state of the server currently.
  10. Hmmmm should probs try turning it off and on again
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