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  1. Heard this multiple times never gets old, yusheng does what he wants.
  2. This is why I don't play bank roof when you're on, annoying as fuck. Nice tage tho.
  3. Can't make one from the respawn screen.
  4. Put a limit on how many bad suggestions you make and we'll consider it.
  5. Pretty much the alternative to asylum and doesn't have servers taking shits regularly as well as they actually have developers working on the servers? I mean they have a ton of Devs whilst asylum has like 1 actual dev.
  6. All kill steals tbh.
  7. Qamar's a mad lil fucker.
  8. Excuse me sir but only one man is capable of pulling off those shots. @terry
  9. Hi please stop taking every single kill at cartels Ty <3
  10. Not as hot as tisms mum.
  11. Honestly was probs some of my best times on arma with you guys sad it ended.
  12. This is what is known as a no balls miracle.
  13. Ayy
  14. You mean fix the Y full stop, that shit falling to the bottom of buildings is a pretty big thing.