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  1. Thank fuck that shit is laggy as fuck i put pull a gun from my crate and it can sometimes take a good 30 seconds until it actually appears on me.
  2. Not much you can do about that. I'm talking about when there is no event. Higher risk = higher reward.
  3. Absolutely no shame in admitting you are depressed or have been depressed. Not everyone has a straight forward life where everything is fine all the time. I've been Borderline rock bottom before it's the people around you who remind you of what is good in life since it's so easy to only see the bad when you're low.
  4. Nothing good happened other then the guy streaming slammed his desk a bit before the rage quit.
  5. Why would they nerve that? If you beat 20 cops for a bank you should get a fat payout props to the gang who can hold off 20 cops.
  6. This was just one of many fuck ups, so unorganised by the staff over there. @Gen. Henry Arnold props to the Gang wars script you made.
  7. Monkeyz with a clean wipe.
  8. NVM Server got blown up and all Olympus staff rage quit Asylum gang wars > Olympus gang wars
  9. Olympus Gang wars for anyone who cares Prime Dq'd btw
  10. Not even me thought it was big dick asfk
  11. Not even me getting shot out I was the one who called the guy a legend for doing it. Just thought it was funny that a admin believes that it's not a exploit.
  12. Context: Someone jumped ontop of a Ifrit from a deer stand and shot out a Ifrit since his gun was sticking through So this is the original clip With Wollie getting denied for comp a upet Wollie seeked further answers. Wollie was amazed that this was possible he thought he put this to the test Sadly the results were not what he expected so he seeked further answers to this Wollie had then found out that Asylum has edited this themselves! he had to see this for ourselves. Sadly this was not the case either so he presented his evidence. TLDR: Shoving your barrel through a IFRIT is not bannable happy hunting bois
  13. Pretty sure a "don't fucking jump on the vans" APD policy will do.
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