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  1. If it's a known issue why isn't there any information being put out like a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Gimme money and I'll think about it.
  3. Arab Admins should be lower.
  4. Should hit up a few Carrer cops for some pretty sure @BlackBlade or @Alex. Had a good one for cops in their TS avatar a while ago. From what I can see their isn't even a cop page on features/about.
  5. Why did you take you so long to shoot could you not find your lmb?
  6. Love the pictures. I do feel like it's missing a cop related picture since cop life is a pretty big faction.
  7. wtf

    As jeep guilds best and only cheerleader/fan I approve this.
  8. @Windmere
  9. I'm here for the memes and to play with my Bois tbh. I mean who doesn't love the whole of side chat raging over something you said ?
  10. They can't forget if they don't exist. Happy birthday eazy you troll
  11. If you're English and haven't heard this smh
  12. Knew you were cheating!
  13. This post alone got more likes then every single one of his posts. Feelsbadman