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  1. Wanna know the best thing about a perm ban on league? They have 0 issue with you instantly making another account and playing.
  2. Big up this high quality application along with being blacklisted that takes courage ok?
  3. Asylums hero.
  4. Their rules are so fucking soft I say kys one time and Permed.
  5. Thanks for making my time on Asylum enjoyable bro <3
  6. If Terry wins this he's probably gonna take it as a achievement....
  7. If this wasn't multiple choice it would be fucked.
  8. Cya

    Never could work out if I hated you or liked you tbh. Still gonna miss you abusing Me in side.
  9. This is honestly the issue and why asylum died way over his head running a community. Clueless imagine someone offering their time and knowledge on a plate to you and you mug them off like this ? Disgusting tbh if you're going to run your shit like this it deserves to die.
  10. Wait this only just happened?
  11. Identity was supposed to be coming soon Henry don't play with our emotions.
  12. Down to poor management IMO. Failed to produce a plan for the long run. I was on Olympus last night and a good chunk of players were old asylum players.
  13. Why have a dislike button when you can tell them to kys?
  14. It's what's said after the crash that makes the video.
  15. So are y'all gonna consider unbanning some of the Permed players who played last gang wars if they put in ban appeals?