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  2. I found this on youtube the other day. When wars were not just a ranking system. @ the 1:16 mark there is a group picture. I don't think everyone was even in it.
  3. I couldn't agree more...
  4. Damn, most idiots are at least literate. You seem to be the exception.
  5. They use to be and everyone (cops) bitched about it. Then they nurfed them to paper.... You haven't been around to long, eh?
  6. Dude, the guy screaming made this video.....
  7. Oh my...
  8. Our flag's were always red and red they will remain... 07 my dude, was great fun. i don't know why i still browse these forums... nostalgia, i suppose.. haha
  9. The fangirls are still alive and well, I see...
  10. uhhh, good one... I guess.
  11. lol, dudes dense...
  12. Serenity/Synergy/Innovative members bitching about FSA admins.... LUL
  13. The system has been flawed from day one. It promoted lethals instead of discouraging them. This is a step in the right direction.
  14. (This isnt directed at you specifically) Back when I started playing cop, arresting the bad guy was an essential part of winning. That was when the lethal script always failed and no one got paid. Once the script became more reliable, me and many others got leathaled 4 out of 5 times and the cop meta changed from coordination and team work to the better players baiting the meatshields. I can understand why a career cop would be upset with the changes. I mean, now they can no longer farm kills and get paid well for it and might actually have to play a little civ to grind like the rest of us. Hopefully this shifts the meta back towards the way it use to be. And is the first of the balancing changes that was promised with the group cap patch.
  15. I second this motion.