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  1. Best patch since those things were added... Well done guys...
  2. The OGs...
  3. That isn't Bad Blood.
  4. Brutus#1545
  6. I found this on youtube the other day. When wars were not just a ranking system. @ the 1:16 mark there is a group picture. I don't think everyone was even in it.
  7. I couldn't agree more...
  8. Damn, most idiots are at least literate. You seem to be the exception.
  9. They use to be and everyone (cops) bitched about it. Then they nurfed them to paper.... You haven't been around to long, eh?
  10. Dude, the guy screaming made this video.....
  11. Oh my...
  12. Our flag's were always red and red they will remain... 07 my dude, was great fun. i don't know why i still browse these forums... nostalgia, i suppose.. haha
  13. The fangirls are still alive and well, I see...
  14. uhhh, good one... I guess.