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  1. A year ago I would have donated $1000 for this Feels Bad
  2. I understand people use pull downs but people like myself have 5k+ hours if I/we didn’t know how to control recoil I/we probably should have quit a few thousand hours ago
  3. Well all Im saying is a few storms maybe brewing for a few people
  4. $9 damn I can get a blow job for 5
  5. When my game runs it feels like I have a 5 second delay when scoping
  6. Make them all Public Please
  7. Yeah I was
  8. I basically paid 8$ for a mk1 $10 for an RPG etc rather than war points I converted it to in game money
  9. As long as I’m big spoon
  10. Guess who’s back Anyone got a home for a homeless bot
  11. You had 1 decent clip at best
  12. Ayy add that shit to 250$ ez skins ez wins
  13. At what point is it a hot drop?
  14. WHO ARE YOU?