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  1. Perfectly logical reasoning from none other than Connor - why would a cheater get banned and then instantly go onto another account to cheat again? Impossible! Totally hasn't happened with the past ~5 convicted cheaters.
  2. This is why engineers (probably) won't be able to spawn with mines in the near future because of people like you and your friend Bobby. You both have a combined amount of deaths of 200+ because you place all your mines and respawn to place even more. And you just got banned for it. N1
  3. Hell yeah! The members of the community have been pushing for this for so long and now it's locked behind a $100 paywall!
  4. probably because nobody cares about you
  5. Wow man! Want a sticker?
  6. Introduction With the release of 8.0 myself and a few others may have come to notice that there weren't many new things that would go on to support "gang life". That's not to say the patch wasn't good - the prison and RV are very interesting additions to the server, however I feel like there are other things that could be implemented to support the gangs of the community. Rough Idea As stated in both the title and above, this post is going to be a rough idea primarily on how rebel honor is obtained in order to further your rebel talent tree. I will not focus on the creation of certain talents - that is up to the devs and maybe the replies of those in this thread. That being said, I will use a system similar to the bounty hunter honor system to explain how rebel honor should be gained. Clarification This is not the war points system. This system is most similar to the bounty hunter honor system. This is essentially an honor system for rebels. Also, please note that that "rebel honor" is a working title. I can't think of anything else. Maybe something like "reputation". Rebel Honor Distribution Honor in order to gain talents should be distributed when certain activities are completed. Some activities should receive more honor to unlock talents than others and I will explain my reasoning below. Also below will be a rough outline of how much honor what activity should give on the success of said activity. Activities marked with an asterisk will be explained in further subsections. Bank Robbery - 200 rebel honor Prison Break - 250 rebel honor Federal Reserve - 300 rebel honor ***Turf Kills*** - 400 rebel honor ***Turf Capture*** - 50 to 200 rebel honor ***Cartel Kills*** - 500 rebel honor ***Cartel Capture*** - 100 to 300 rebel honor An Explanation of Cartel / Turf Kills Distribution of Rebel Honor The rebel honor distributed for turf kills are lower than that of cartel kills and my reasoning should be rather obvious. However, how will this honor be allotted? • Cartel Kill honor distribution rules - Players will only be given honor for kills WITHIN or NEAR (300m) the cartel zone in order to give the incentive to push the cap. • Turf Kill honor distribution rules - Players will only be given honor for kills WITHIN or NEAR (150m) the turf zone in order to give the incentive to push the flag. These rules for cartel / turf kill honor distribution will give some* gangs of the community a reason to push the capture point. An Explanation of Cartel / Turf Captures Distribution of Rebel Honor The ratio of rebel honor distributed for cartel captures are higher than than of turfs and this should also be rather obvious. You may come to notice, however, that the ho allotted for both vary. Forgive me here because this is a difficult concept to think of game mechanic wise but I want the honor for capping cartels / turfs to vary in order to stop or at least lower the amount of solo capping that happens. I am not 100% sure on how to do this; I was thinking about giving more honor dependent on how many kills are recorded in the area described for both zones above. I'll leave this section to @Gnashes or @bamf to explain what could be possible here. Conclusion As for talents unlock-able by honor, I have no clue. If this suggestion were to be accepted by the developers they would have full control of that. Additionally, I hope the rebels and gangs of this community come to notice the reasoning that I have for my honor values. As for cartel / turf kills, I tried to push the idea of gangs having to push caps in order to be awarded honor for their talent tree. As for cartel / turf captures, players should be awarded for the work that they put in. If they don't put in any, they should receive significantly less (if possible). Thank you for reading. Leave any suggestions / questions to my reasoning below. I will PM you. User @Glass of Water suggested rebel honor be named "Infamy". Worth noting here because it is a way better name.
  7. Just as you did with the autistic children of Tanoa! You and Crunched would get along well!
  8. this guy needs some better friends...
  9. Watch out, you might cut yourself with that edge. Judging by the fact that you had to paste that little snippet of code at the end of your post I can conclude with 100% certainty that you have absolutely no clue what you are doing so just stop trying to act a hero when you've already proven yourself to be an idiot.
  10. Thank you a lot for this guide, Todd Howard. Can't wait to use your tips to fight sand and rocks at the cartels!
  11. Probably pretty good, it's pretty hard to apply pressure when you lack hands...
  12. haHAA good video haHAA im 12 btw 13 next month
  13. We can all tell that turning off adaptive crosshair didn't work in your case in terms of skill -- so why spend time bitching to others on the forums about it?