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  1. explicit

    Montage #1

  2. explicit

    Change Log 8.3.1

    cry cry cry
  3. explicit


    yes william, lets make it more cancer than it already is
  4. explicit

    Fix the fed

    looks like you havent really met that requirement yet
  5. explicit

    I'm too scared to play the server, sorry bye

    you're actually a fucking joke hahaa
  6. explicit


    you're all bad stfu also jaconite you should've left after this embarassment. you even had to make a second account to like the post. but on the topic of cheaters, you yourself have used pulldowns & have even harbored cheaters in your gang/s multiple times so please stop trying to speak on the matter
  7. explicit

    How to rob the bank(Youtube Video)

    nice video
  8. 4790k is holding you back the most, RAM second depending on speed and amt. I have a 4790k OC to 4.7 and it makes no difference. The improved single core performance of the newer generations blows the 4790k out of the water when talking about arma
  9. explicit

    Any Avid Coin Collectors?

    grandfather always went through PCGS for some reason but they're basically the same thing and as long as your coin isnt too rare you're not going to have to pay much money to get it graded unless it happens to be but the fee will be significantly less than the value of the coin
  10. explicit

    Happy New Year Asylum!

    Happy New Year
  11. explicit

    Discrimination against Jihads!

    kill yourself but merry christmas
  12. explicit


    huge fan clint always have been <3
  13. explicit

    Paratus pocketed the Kickstarter money.

    paratus disappoints as always