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  1. thanks for actually being useful
  2. jk please delete the video and never make one again
  3. i'm laughing my ass off great video
  4. autistic innovative member apache back at it again with another wonderful suggestion
  5. please rope yourself
  6. as a previously upstanding member of the APD (resigned because of health reasons, got cancer) i do not agree with this post
  7. i've said this a few times before but all of you should kill yourselves
  8. you are by far one of the cringiest motherfuckers i've ever seen on the forums do the world a favor and play in traffic
  9. delete this shit video
  10. you're retarded. you're nowhere near the best.
  11. there's a point in which the act needs to be dropped in order to call out actual bullshit and unfairness
  12. seems like your brain is lagging a bit there robert
  13. real talk though and this is going to sound unusual coming from me and i'm probably guilty of doing this myself but who wouldn't want to leave after being harassed and racially discriminated against every single day you play the server. sure, some of them may break the rules and whatever else but it's unfair to make generalizations about a whole group based off the actions of a minority. it's immature and annoying. jokes and toxicity are okay in moderation but it comes to a point where it's downright harassment. sure you can go ahead and meme me and label me a hypocrite due to some of my past actions but if you don't think how they were treated was fucked up there's something wrong - and if that's the case just take a minute to stray away from your internet ego and actually think critically for a moment.
  14. the truth has been spoken
  15. delete your account please