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  1. ETA : december 2019
  2. kill yourself kill yourself
  3. the other ones are playing the AFK room
  4. kill yourself
  5. and tards like you find any way to bring political arguments to a gaming forum it sure does! surely you'd know, anyway, considering the forums are one of the ways you've found to cope with such a crippling condition
  6. should have just posted this instead..
  7. unfortunately as well written and concise this is i doubt anything will change but if so consider this post too ty
  8. bad montage bad song bad intro bad game please kill yourself
  9. LUL UR MAD LUUUUUUL ahahHAHA back 2 olympus faggot, & remember the golden rule - down the street, not across the road.
  10. nignog

    1. explicit


      do not talk about blacks on my profile please, i bolded this so u get the memo 

    2. mr_tony


      sorry I meant eggnog. 

  11. When all you're thankful for in life is virtual friends & video games something is wrong.
  12. You aim like you have parkinson's.