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  1. get servers off toaster first lul
  2. kill yourself
  3. i'm curious as to what "top tier gang" you're talking about because i'm not quite sure asylum has any of those anymore
  4. fund march 26th terrorism and video
  5. bump
  6. bump two year anniversary
  7. bump one year anniversary
  8. the movie is really good
  9. video would have ended in 15 seconds if it were trying to mimic asylum
  10. 13 hours secret soldiers of benghazi
  11. i dont know how shit like this manages to get 20+ likes
  12. hoping for quick recovery, get well soon
  13. and you should do the community a little favor and neck yourself
  14. i'm laughing so hard both at ur choice of words and that 99 makes u a 90's kid lul