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  1. I prefer to watch porn but ... ...I still came.
  2. Ok
  3. The sooner you drink, better is the feeling. Burp
  4. Billy afk in a orca, classic. Well deserved.
  5. Spend it on lottery and make more money. or not
  6. Fucking VDM'er Get well soon dude !!
  7. I like to read before sleeping. Specially CompTIA security
  8. I came here for the Mason laugh, not disappointed.
  10. Where is the wife?
  11. He wanna fuck you on his cheap 1k couch. You are pretty lucky.
  12. I have the CompTia A+ book for over 10 years, never did the certification. :/
  13. Cool patch, i will read it later.
  14. Hah.