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  1. R.I.P gang life. rip...
  2. I understand your pain, I wear 14 for like 15 years.
  3. Make me want to come back and play on Asylum Thank for sharing lol.
  4. :)

  5. Je vous aime tous. Xxxx
  6. Bobola, we should play togheter one day.
  7. I'm really curious about the static IP part, because if your ISP don't want to give you a new IP, believe me, you wont get a new one lol.
  8. Can you explain it here?
  9. Ok.... Now get a new connection.
  10. A more powerfull and recent CPU will improve by far his FPS. Correct me if i'm wrong but SSD won't improve FPS, it will only make the game loading faster. Maybe there's an exception with ARMA 3 i don't know but my 1st search on Google led me there:
  11. no
  12. Hey what's up here.
  13. Nice Job Man
  14. I love it.