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  1. Lol, you got kicked as trial and made a gang that got dumpstered by everyone you fought. Sorry but lying is bad.
  2. Selling Ifrit driving lessons starting at the low low price of 199.99$!!
  3. I'm glad that you've broken this 2 month silence and halt of all development to bring us this groundbreaking news!!!
  4. Jesus Christ, its hard enough to suck this much dick in a single day, let alone a single thread.
  5. I know I'm a bit late to this, however, your commentators for GW are stupid, biased and actually autistic. Please don't let monotone people who refuse to call out what is actually happening in-game and who'd rather talk about drama than the event itself. It reflects poorly upon the event and the organizers themselves.
  6. If I had a dollar for everytime someone said that lame fucking comeback I could hire someone to write a better one. Please look at your like ratio and never post again. You're blatantly a retard.
  7. Your gifs are of a lower quality than your personality, please fix this.
  8. Lol, even fixing mass-kicks won't fix this dead burning pile of garbage led by inept limp dicked mongoloids.
  9. How can you call yourself a dumblit guildmember if you have no rook clips?
  10. (Not embedding these due to the size) Olympus offers optional content to be added for donating that not just a singular person can experience but rather the entire community. Their developers and staff donate towards costs for keeping everything running as well so its not just the playerbase. If however you'd like to bring the argument of paying for content why don't we look at our own community which made us pay for the ability to be able to use Mohawks and Hatchback sports. Beyond that there is the money-grab loot crate, but yeah, i'd say that your statement is pretty inaccurate.
  11. 3/5 of these things used to be in Asylum, this was before 6.0 and at a time when people generally agree Asylum was at it's best. Thats rude Willmong toxicity is only driving this dead server further down. xd At the rate the server is going it will shut down. The faggots who own this would rather make phone cases for a game that hasn't released yet then develop actual content that isn't skin based or freely given. That was some valuable feedback glad to see you've come back from your 5th i'm quitting Asylum to post this.
  12. How does one get scammed?
  13. will u fuck me in the ass babe?

  14. Honestly if you want any of the aforementioned content suggested just go to Olympus. Asylum doesn't have talented Developers, it doesn't listen to its community, it repeatedly mass kicks and beyond that administration is completely lacking. This fucking dead beaten horse of a server will never return to its former self, its dead because its not a server that adapts it sticks with its pride and will die with it. If you're still lucid enough to believe there will be a revitalization you're just fucking yourself over by wasting time believing that it could be anything more then a husk of itself. x d #MakeAsylumAsylumagain
  15. . . Expected to be physically revolted got happily surprised, good job. Hexdeeeeee..