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  1. nigga how are you copper 4, being that awful actually takes commitment
  2. Yeah i'd like the 20 seconds of my life I wasted watching this autism back
  3. Didn't even have to watch it to leave a like, this man is an Arma GOD!
  4. Somehow still better than Massi's first. Jesus Christ.
  5. alright bud ur offline and ur nans dead btw
  6. Deadass you got me there, however, the Asylum gang life has moved to Olympus so therefore they do have better players. hehexd
  7. Of course, admins are going to be friends, the originals started the server from an Asylum gang, you're retarded. The cop force doesn't really value RP which I think is ok, its 2017 nobody has time to listen to your bullshit story about self-defense. Admins across multiple servers including Asylum do the same, they'll admin cam you and wait for you to do something because they've got nothing better to do. And appealing a ban? Didn't do anything wrong not their fault, it's not anyone's obligation to unban you. I've had comps, reports and appeals go unanswered for weeks until I just deleted them here. Asylum is a laughable comparison versus Olympus today. Thanks for the in-depth talk on it though!!!
  8. They will within the month bud
  9. Better economy, better players, more players, more active admins, more variety, active updates, more developed settings/in-game optimization, more active gangs, fun implemented content i.e. Blackwaters, admin events, no cancerous money making methods, no homosexual admins kinda, world's most developed Altis life servers™.
  10. RIP an Asylum Hero, not the one we deserved but the one we needed.
  11. Lol, you got kicked as trial and made a gang that got dumpstered by everyone you fought. Sorry but lying is bad.
  12. Selling Ifrit driving lessons starting at the low low price of 199.99$!!
  13. I'm glad that you've broken this 2 month silence and halt of all development to bring us this groundbreaking news!!!
  14. Jesus Christ, its hard enough to suck this much dick in a single day, let alone a single thread.