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  1. If you want to act like the fed hasn't been radically changed since Evil Corp. go ahead, it makes you look like a fucking retard everytime you talk on the forums though. Cops have gotten slightly better and the fed has been nerfed to shit. Secondly this? Really? You're calling someone slow when you're autistic? I'd think you'd honestly be more sensitive to it however since you think you're a god for having been carried by a gang i'll gladly put you down. Your immaturity speaks to the level of Gnashes when replying to feedback, its like arguing with a child which you ironically call people. Anyways dangle from a ceiling fan if your body doesn't take the roof and supports down you fat autistic fuck.
  2. Pretty sure you have some personal problems with me, kiddo. Keep up the great content and don't 4get 2 dab on the h8rs!!
  3. Why did I join this guys gang? Its obvious he uses AHKs!!
  4. 8 montages later and you're still bad?
  5. Best I can do is a gallon of bleach
  6. I dare you to kill yourself
  7. bad.
  8. Who knew good players still existed?
  9. Nah, they killed the tiger. Its China though so no memes.
  10. Traitor