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  1. It's December , ARs for everyone!
  2. rekt
  3. This man RDM's me all the time and is a bully

  4. promote this man!
  5. Please edit this over you drowning, thanks!
  6. I bet he killed @Clint Beastwood on koth
  7. Sir you just recently commented on a RDM report on Yoana. if you cant tell Yoana was clearly trying to kill me not shoot out my tyres and besides even if he shot me and i shot back and he killed me which he did its still RDM. he is clearly a troll and i dont see any reason for you to take no action beside your laziness of just not wanting to talk to him or ban him.

    1. MoralityVII


      It is not RDM if you return fire, I can assure you that I took the time to watch your evidence and you may formulate your opinion of me being lazy all you like. I hope you have been educated for future reports. 

    2. Sammos


      he randomly killed me hence the name Random Death Match

  8. wtf
  9. Welcome fella!
  10. Looks like a case of spontaneous combustion!