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  1. wtf I didn't get to post a sick burn... =(
  2. Has been made are? ENGLISH PLEASE? =P I love you Olio.
  3. 1/10 not invisible
  4. Can't wait for those lime yellow clothes to be released.
  5. I would but I don't own it. Plus after witnessing you on battle royale that one day I am not exactly confident in you as a teammate.
  6. Time to invest in the knee pad stocks, look at all of those cops!
  7. Yeah. Im honestly more surprised that this didn't end in an explosion on impact.
  8. Wouldn't really fault him for this as the chopper pilot is performing an extremely risky maneuver across the road. I don't think either party would get in trouble or be compensated.
  9. He is always around, he just stays away from you. ok..
  10. Absolutely amazing. +111111111
  11. When shit posting turns shitty.
  12. The battle buddy I always needed but didn't deserve. I do find it ironic about people mentioning "This is why cops are bad at rp yada yada" yet you're the first ones to complain when they won't fight. In addition to that it IS POSSIBLE to be good at combat and also improve in the RP aspect as well. First to complain about cop role play and also the first to text "hands up or die".
  13. But.... I don't have friends.