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  1. Well i did pass it up the chain and i put my suggestion forward to make that situation a more clear and fair experience but i guess nothing came of it. Sorry bud
  2. Way to blow my cover!
  3. No, you opened the door to be killed.
  4. True
  5. And here I was expecting people to show off some of their guns. What a let down
  6. Hey man it sucks to see you go but I definitely understand the need to focus on stuff going on outside of gaming. Stay safe out there bud.
  7. I am going to hunt you down and RP the living poop out of you
  8. I love the modded vehicles. Some of them obviously had issues but it brings a fresh aspect to the life mod. Personally I would be content with pistol/smg only and a bunch of modded vehicles on a fresh map.
  9. community created? Looks cool but performance and size have always been a factor for new maps. Also housing was an issue for finding maps in the past.
  10. ME TOO
  11. Well since you have some spare time lets use this opportunity to learn!
  12. Still couldn't win a hunger games even with a tank.