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  1. .............. I see
  2. I always will be.
  3. Backpacks in crates? The day has come!
  4. I dont think im welcome as an admin anymore. #prayforjimbo
  5. people have done this in the past where they just couldn't focus on school or whatever. They requested a ban for X months to help them focus on real life. Some people get too hooked on escaping from the real world that they lose sight of the balance it requires. Too much of one thing can lead to frustration and poor behavior.
  6. not meeee
  7. IDK, my wet dream is GTA V with 70+ people in an RP environment. The physics are so much better for this type of game mode compared to arma franchise. Granted I played a metric poop load on altis life but i'd give up a portion of my paycheck every other week just to get on a GTA V RP server that had a high player capacity. Im getting chills just thinking of it now.
  8. Texas is a country as we both know.
  9. Yeah thats a southern thing. We rock the red and blue here in PA.
  10. I will double back sucka smack the shit out of you if you try and dis respek my homie like that again. PS i miss you
  11. I really appreciate the kind words and I am just as sad that I'm not around playing anymore. I have had some of the most fun and incredible experiences as a civilian, cop and admin. At some point I really feel like the connection from staff/devs was lost and things went downhill. I saw myself becoming frustrated (which is not a natural thing for me to deal with) and at times I may have been a little too blunt/harsh towards players as a result. It only got worse and I cant just stay in an environment like that because it is unhealthy. My nature has always been to help people and that goes for online as well as in person. I found that the environment was chipping away at who I was and enduring only meant I was hurting my own character. Its especially hard because there are so many cool people in the community and it can be so rewarding to help players especially ones who are brand new with that same excitement I had years ago. In the end it turned into 1 positive experience for 10 bad ones and it just isn't healthy for a volunteer environment especially when you account for my previous post and the post from buckwalter. I'm shifting to streaming and various games to get back to having fun and I'll monitor the situation here.. Maybe You'll see me around sometime in the future as a lowly peach picker =P PS - I obviously do care, I know a lot of the Admins who stepped down care as well, it has been painful for all of us after so much time invested in helping people. They may not say it directly and it may not be obvious but a lot of them really tried to change things for the better. I'm not a one man show =P
  12. @Buckwalter I was gonna do my daily fap in an hour but i just cannot hold back.