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  1. Hey @Bilal Battu I got your test.
  2. I would join by the lspd rules say they dont allow "trail by combat". Idk what it is but it seems like im missing out on a good hiking adventure.
  3. Holy shit my body cant handle spicy stuff so early in the morning.
  4. They sometimes yell APD as they shoot, lets not make it seem like they aren't trying.
  5. I need to unsubscribe from my newspaper delivery. The discussions on these forums are plenty enough for entertainment.
  6. I'd be down to pan the shiiite out of some of you guys. =O
  7. .............. I see
  8. I always will be.
  9. Backpacks in crates? The day has come!
  10. I dont think im welcome as an admin anymore. #prayforjimbo
  11. people have done this in the past where they just couldn't focus on school or whatever. They requested a ban for X months to help them focus on real life. Some people get too hooked on escaping from the real world that they lose sight of the balance it requires. Too much of one thing can lead to frustration and poor behavior.
  12. not meeee