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  1. not really suitable for EU players though..........
  2. what he meant was just 1 of the 4 servers down
  3. server 4 performance is rather bad at the moment...
  4. I think personally from now on shut down a server and have 3 permament servers 12,4 and or have 1 and 4 restart at the same time and switch with 2 and 3
  5. "half of the gang is top tier admins" i think only @eleec is the last survivor, Never cried of laughter so much in my life.
  6. as much as i like the modernized build, Its literally a compact cube, and only limited spaces to land at, also people who want to do a duo run can only land in parts where a pilots fear is to hit a pole with his/ her rotor even them may not feel comfortable.
  7. We have no intentions on adding this. - Gnashes
  8. well i couldn't send my bounty to jail, so something is not right anyway
  9. Shows the marker not on the building
  10. @bamf Could you look into pygros courthouse cannot send bountys and the marker is off from the building i think
  11. This idea would make allot more sense. Just select a player and toggle certain permissions. EDIT: when it comes to buying vehicles generally or making them, if your in a gang allow an option to put in own garage or gang garage
  12. BTW have i told you i got 3 classified nomads in the one bag and 2 other in one extract. from 7 bosses
  13. there is allot of legal methods, but the risk for doing something illegal grants a greater pay out.
  14. Rotation of drugs is a start.
  15. no rebels, already break the link