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  1. Could we potentially be able to spend overdrafts of honor and Infamy soon ???
  2. yeah some arse hole cops dont like to give out quad bikes, would highly advise one at AIR HQ
  3. Would love to see a change with Honor / Imfamy points where players can save them to spend them, Also i love to see how much honor i actually had!!!!!!!!
  4. I suggested something over here to slim down that connecting time.
  5. Simple as servers 1 and 2 are full and when a server crashes people want to mass switch, so could we have an auto kicker for people who are lobby for more than 5 minute.
  6. I completely Wipe my pc everytime i feel like my PC i lacking in performance, the only way i fix my from from 40FPS going back to my normal 110 FPS
  7. your welcome
  8. funny enough i had taken that one of @J1M when i was very new to FSA
  10. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Mitch (IFRIT) @Leady @Clint Beastwood Would be sick for a cop just to seize the MK and not my rainbow array of smoke grenades
  11. bring back OG prison It looks majestic
  12. It's to represent that yourself as an individual can look at the asylum web page and to see that a bunch a people grouped together can actually be pretty "luring" to the asylum community, its to show that you can have experienced groups of players that can have fun, enjoy fighting, also the RP aspect, it may look like its been repetitive but its to show that you are not alone out there and you can make friends around here.