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  1. What you just typed is "gay"
  2. I think "small" "frequent" patch notes will keep the community interested and alive. In terms of this new server patch I honestly dont think this concept will go well, reasons being Fights - People / gangs tend to mass log to servers because of server performance and or other gangs to fight If people get Mass kicked off on 1,4 and or 3 Server 2 will never be up and then people will not have the main stream access to their houses. Even on weekends at the moment servers are struggling such as 3 and 4 to reach 80 players EU timezone You need to keep the everyone interested in terms of patch notes because the circle of life evolves with and around apd, civ, and rebels So basically everyone is treated like a bike chain link, if there is a link missing the bike will not turn over.
  3. Switched rank with Boris and @Starance and @Ghillie Dhu said this was not a problem, Me $50 and Boris $250, so once we had switched ranks basically they popped an update on donor rank system and they kept me at level 5 / $150. So basically out on $100
  4. Envy had wiped a 3 man the same time thats why that clip was a little extended
  5. the only reason why players are not playing asylum is because of content updates that we were promised / told about. Now having KBW back on the Dev side of things, certain projects / fixes should be getting pumped out like a penis pump.
  6. best meth setup server 2 anyone could have asked for
  7. nah i think if people had access to their houses and precincts maybe they will play
  9. Possession of illegal firearm $2,500 Any legal firearm without a firearms license is also considered illegal. Any Bounty Hunter firearm without both BH and firearms licenses is considered illegal. Bounty Hunters with lethal ammunition for MX's,TRG, or a Vermin should be charged with possession of Illegal Firearm. This charge is not stackable. Here is a link that you can view
  10. No it is considered as a illegal rifle , and if caught by cops they will seize it off you and or seize the BH licence.
  11. as much as it would be good to have this in asylum unfortunate this has a serious impact for those who have or know friends and family who have this.