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  1. How will the FSA ever win a cartel w/o sending people to jail.
  2. I 2nd seans opinion here, only statistics will tell if APD are really focusing on improving Role play for civilians. Statistics about how many people got points What for Example 40 points were handed out in the month of january 10 points which were server related bans 15 points which are for Failure to rolplay so on and so on
  3. I was pre cumming before the vest even went off, just seen the orca from underneath the tower.
  4. Just want to inform those who are getting different stories, Alec is banned from everything, im not, i was removed from support until my self and clint speak and explained what had happend. Support members when given the team speak rank were not able to give such permissions to those who are CPL in the APD or lower. Those permissions must had changed recently and altered and the support team were able to give a rank one higher than their own. ( both were highlighted before and now - error message had popped before) This incident is a whole misunderstanding and no intentional attacks were suppose to be made on the asylum team speak, alec did changed a few ranks and changed some back before it was removed. it was my wrong doing that led to alecs ban and the removal of my support tag, All i can say that i was annoyed at both my self for somehow giving alec the grotty bastard a teamspeak tag which had power, not only that a fellow friend had abused power that he was not supposed to have, and that it is literally alecs last life on asylum and i dont want that spoiled by some stupid miss click / mistake. Sorry for the 5 constable / cadets affected , and those admins who fixed my mistake. -Smee
  5. ASYLUM without the tractor , is like having a Lamborghini and not driving it.
  6. 14th - 20th ( estimated release date )
  7. Smee

    V2 Gang Ranks

    Gang account logs ? , not necessary, technically only the trusted players should be able to withdraw.
  8. thats the grey area..... when does it become harassment, and unfortunately people here are toxic and dont know the limitations.
  9. Unfortunate the APD does not let asylum players conduct in "inappropriate role-play" due to many reasons, i feel like it would not be any help that there are RP that can be "degrading" to a a select portion of the community IE (Gay, Bi, trans) ect. These people are the ones who may take it a completely different way and i respect that, Not only that females can be directly targeted if prostitution came into the game. IMO- Im still for it, just that Asylum needs to be diverse to what it implements that it does not affect its members. Inappropriate role-play Including, but no limited to: Rape. Sexual role-play. Degradation, harassment, or malicious behaviour towards another player.
  10. Asylum needs to, "re write" its taxi scripts / code , so that players like your self can actually recive money w/o being kill / scammed.
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