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  1. i had 2 shed up in dp15
  2. This topic may put people off food / causing weak stomachs Be warned if you don't like any leave now !!!! The whole debate, Many say to each other do you sit and wipe, or do you stand and wipe. ? And do you reach around or go through the Amazon rainforest and reach under?
  3. i hate how it can be easy for cops to check cocaine and meth at the same time.
  4. what happened to wager matches?, btw we said all of this via steam long time ago....
  5. At the moment asylum is stale, So while servers are being worked on and to be improved. As a community, we need to look at the main content that needs to be introduced, altered, improve or even removed. Suggestions were already forwarded to mitch but it has now been a bit of time since that's happened. I have ideas that can change asylum for days on days and not bothered to list them and want to see what community can list. In this post please only post to content related. Also, a couple of polls are added to see what people think of them.
  6. i have 6 mill and spent 4 mill over the the time og server 2 went down
  7. Drove to truck shop to buy a HEMTT ( $51,500 ) Drove to collect a full HEMTT of oil ( Took a long time to gather ) Drove to oil processor and processed the HEMMT before restart ( Another bit of my time ) Restart Log back in and no HEMMT after jumping in sync data and tapping y inventory. The end results are a waste of over 1 hour to spend $51,500 on a HEMMT and only get a maximum of $49,000 in return with cartel Never do oil ladies and gentlemen.
  8. Tony's Video Gave Me Pink Eye. I was at work when I saw this and never thought of this would come haha.
  9. I dont know if values are correct this was made ages ago, like 3 years ago. 22nd January 2016
  10. Part 2 to come ladies and gentlemen
  11. im the owner of dp 15
  12. You asked me to
  13. Enjoy a little meme from p1 @Blade