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  1. Yer ma punts coonsil
  2. a highway from pygros to donor town +1
  3. your head is crackable you spesh
  4. Change donor kebab to tacos +1 Fuck ganshes Would be great for @Roice because he is a mexican
  5. yesterday was a shit show, somehow i couldn't kill 2 guys and my 50cal wasn't do any damage to orcas or the mini-gun i encountered, definitelty an known arma bug
  6. i believe its still registers but doesn't count towards any sort of hit box, so you can probs see the blood and shit. also i dont see any damage to the windows or any part of the truck.
  7. ill have you know i sat on the back of a 50 cal for more than 3 years making insane 1.8km shots, and your telling me i cant hit something 100m away ? also here is my .50cal montage from 1-2 days slaughtering
  8. Its been common recently that certain players are bugged and they shoot "blanks", sat on a .50cal shooting a hatch like 100m away, and you dont see any shape of form that you are doing any damage.
  9. looks like roice for some odd reason, probs to much weed.
  10. in arma i normally just take my life, because going to jail is worse off.
  11. Smee

    Who is big ray

    I will record my suicide and post it Shit new live leak incoming
  12. There is always a point in ideas, its to reduce the stupidness of officers using them in odd situations and not everyone records, and most of the time, its just less than 4 points which to someone means nothing.
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