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  1. Personally, if you gather manually you should be able to collect that slight bit more, Where as AFK gathering should be half
  2. You start everything with "you do relies"
  3. I second this fellow Irishman decision, its a bit "over powered" some what may say.
  4. Opening up server 3 was the biggest mistake they could have done, They need to realise that if we had constant numbers for 2 weeks straight then open up, but now people have 0 interaction with such a big map with only 15 players average. Asylum needs to at least remove 1 of the servers until Asylum 2.0 comes out.This being the better option for its players and dedicated members.
  5. Hell Nah you numpty, Just spawn Huron, Strider and then unleash the beast into any of the end game activities.
  6. Rarely do you ever see a cop even pass the peach or apple field.
  7. lets be honest here, i bet more people do it because its actually less risky than weed.
  8. Shouldnt we lower the price of scotch based on most of peoples way to run money ????
  9. Currently Asylum has various of 7.62 weapons available these being; mk-1 mk-18 Spar-17 ak-12 akm As for .308 snipers, suppressors and long distance scopes, Asylum is not the place for these types of weaponry, simply because Asylum is a light Roleplay server and we do not want to be encouraging people to shoot into Redzones for an unfair advantage, and does not promote "cartel experience" for rebels which Asylum is severely lacking off.
  10. @Mitch (IFRIT) When in doubt WAP it out!
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