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  1. You can stream having sex with 20 hookers for 1 hour.
  2. Certain admins can make this happen not sure if all can but maybe seek some support ( This is for changing house )
  3. i remember when BadBlood would draw every cop to that location just for a duck hunt fest. Give me 700m and a tower, And ill 1 tap out a car thats moving.
  4. Best meme is when you get a "Bad Module"
  5. Only fund ill be saving up for
  6. i think more user #e actions
  7. nah it was still @J1M Signature
  8. you the tough guy that called death threats @Denied
  9. every time you move a little you're character does move up slightly , also he has an angle drop of the bullet aswell.. Edit ; not that im defending him, your just stupid thinking this was hax. because shots like that can be hit easily, especially with a really bad internet.