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  1. GNice
  2. sir i believe i just witnessed VDM. just at @0:20
  3. @Roice did not give me God Mode
  4. Not the first, Probably now the 5th or 6th
  5. thats what killed asylum, splitting friends away from each other...
  6. WARNING If you have a weak stomach or hate "shit" or "sick" do not watch the following video. Student Pranks The Whole School By Putting Laxative In The Lunch Lemonade FYI: Its Fucked Up
  7. Would advise developers to implement a "betting" system in game along the lines of "laser tag" , were one individual vs another individual inside a CQC area or even a race from one point on the map to another, were both sets of parties agree or even start and host a event based of there betting amount, type of race ( Truck Boxer - Quilin - Sports hatch ) and or even a CQC map were any weapon is used.
  8. Well its now exposed now boys, @Roice and I adopted
  9. Problem after is, i was a little hungry and ate the banana
  10. @bamf Was suggested a while back that you may consider "Scroll Wheel Options" for players to add certain perks to their vehicles Scroll wheel options Nitro ( only 1 set of 3 ) Tracker Alarm Repair Kits Repair Options - ( Remove Fuel station option ) Also we have seen number plates being utilised and would be a great addition to the game itself for RP. Also i want that Coast Guard Orca after spending far to much on the one set of Crates!!!!
  11. haha Never
  12. I mean u unban this man, and you at least boost numbers on 1 of those server from 54 to 80