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  1. With more positive people, the server can rise again. The server doesn't need a ton of updates, in my opinion. I am starting to see more and more new players, the server is starting to fill up more
  2. hey

    The legend
  3. hey

    Daddy, dig?
  4. hey

  5. Small loan of 1 million dollars!
  6. I give it a try
  7. Those this count to cop medic?
  8. Good luck!
  9. You need the experience, mabye go with other people next time. I rarely see idiots in teampeak.
  10. I like the change, now people dont just buy a pistol and down you. But the change will mostly only help people in kavala.
  11. My point is that being a warrant is just like being a bounty hunter, I think warrant could have a look of cool stuff and improvement, like more prestige or money.
  12. Warrant = Bounty hunter
  13. I´m mostly happy with the performance enhancements. Hope it helps
  14. I don´t negotiate with a terrorist