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  1. recent one?
  2. how is the performance now?i know it used to be quite bad.any improvement?
  3. generation kill damn i love that show.the book is even better
  4. what did i just watch?
  5. got to agree with silver here.also @cHIP ōTLE it is fine as it is already.we are excluded from the 20 min rule but we are told specifically not to abuse it and leave some time to pass before coming back in
  6. check the editor for armor values the csat wetsuit has no armor only a digital camouflage on it rather than the black nato wetsuit
  7. no joke can we get the mass battleeye kicks back please?those were way better than having to spend 30 mins on a frozen server where nobody is moving on your screen and when something starts going right again you just get killed by a guy who was nowhere near you?sv 2 is frozen right now i died 20 mins ago and my teammates see i died just now and it is unplayable.people randomly teleport,we can t do shit and we die out of nowhere or get downed by someone who shot us a while ago while everything was frozen
  8. kind of unfair i see your point but i still think they should have gives us a second push if we were so few and there were a lot of rebels never know what to expect at a cartel as a cop
  9. well people will mostly stick to cartels so we can t get them if that happens
  10. i know who is not winning
  11. @wollie35 in my opinion they should have kept the old one.when a smaller number of cops attend the cartel the chances of them winning are not that big so another try to get back in if 7 or less cops attended would have still been a good thing.maybe they should have rephrased the If there is 7 or less officers going to that cartel raid then officers may respond back as many times as they wish until all officers are killed/raid ends into a thing like giving them a second pushto
  12. a fair point on the first one.pings were almost always the reason we went there 2:and what are you talking about?remember the last update before this? . After any SGT + calls a cartel raid, they must mark that cartel with the time (just like drug fields) once its completed. Once that raid is over no new raids may be called for 20 mins. 2. If there are 8 or more officers attending that cartel raid it will be a ONE LIFE RULE. If there is 7 or less officers going to that cartel raid then officers may respond back as many times as they wish until all officers are killed/raid ends.-straight from APD Policy Update 05/09/18. so if 15 cops fought it would have been a one life rule it is a one life rule no matter how many people participate from what i am seeing:Any officer that participates in the cartel raid are subject to a ONE life rule. All officers must meet up before entering a cartel raid. Once the initial push has been made no other officers can partake in the raid.
  13. but i got to admit that with this new rebel restriction warrant became way more useful now
  14. this is bullshit.especially taking out fugitive pings as a reason to go to rebel. you get killed at a cartel so easily and now they want to limit it to one life no matter what?why?
  15. your choice of music is interesting edit:wow that was interesting.ah well they need to bring another wave next time