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  1. bad idea.give you guys a way to make more profit when cops are on?and also the chance that they wouldn t check anything and just roam around for no reason ,we gotta consider that as well.why would you even consider this?the current prices are ok,at least from my point of view
  2. that actually is a good sum up of the curent stuff and also there are some good ideas in there.
  3. you are a fucking
  4. not gonna happen.lethals are really useful in some situations
  5. MINIGUN QUILAN I LOVE YOU! PS:CAN we get a .50cal prowler for cops?
  6. man i want that saw and the suit.getting ready for easter
  7. not enough cheeki breeki.disliked
  8. far cry 3 outpost system in a nutshell
  9. got to agree with midamaru.i played koth enough to know how tower lags looks like and your description kind of fits it .holding tower 4 and having people insta fly up the stairs right next to me was something usual.arma is a fun and good game but kind of glitchy
  10. some corporals are good could use it for a change.but giving it to all of them is a bad idea.the easiest way is to just record and contact a higher up.can t tell you how many corporals i have seen that felt like they could do what the hell they those a chance to give points to people is a plan that would go in the history as the biggest mistake
  11. 520k
  12. there are retards everywhere dude.let him charge you for that make an ia and get him removed from the force would be my advice for such things.better for us all without such people as cops
  13. loading lethals.let's see if they continue shit talking.he even called him a that seems like harassment to me