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  1. Pretty sure he already made a list but is in need for russian translators
  2. Test E 500mg a week in 10 weeks with 30mg dbol the first 1-6 weeks is a great first timer
  3. Not the right place to look for brain cells
  4. First 4 days of strife i made 900k + from wins
  5. nah i dont really open crates and shit
  6. Finaly got that diamond
  8. Works with both, you just dont get anything if its a friendly vehicle
  9. eta
  10. Honestly all we need is more AA tanks or so, no need to remove anything at all.. Learn to use the Cheetah and Tigris, i did not succesfully fly a jet the first time i entered it. It takes practise just like infrantry combat does.
  11. Right Ctrl + M, will open your minimap in the left side
  12. Not in instinct at this point, so thanks for reminding me of removing it
  13. Tom you got words so why not come on the strife server and see whos good and whos not
  14. Lol get shit on kid