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  1. Shaving of armpits is a feminine thing to do. Just like shaving of legs, but to each their own. To call it feminine does not make someone insecure at all.
  2. Romulus

    Montage #120

    You have shit on me enough times in game to more than make up for the incident. You dc while driving away from cops, then tried to report cop for not giving you half ticket when you turned yourself in at my request. You deserved it, but I still got love for ya.
  3. Romulus

    Montage #120

    I thought it was decent. Do not understand all the hate. Some people just need Jesus, or a girlfriend.
  4. I mean tbf these are all comments this guy has said before on other montages so the irony is funny.
  5. Why go thru the trouble of using drug runner plane when tourism office is so much more convenient?
  6. It’s 2019 only mouth breathers do not use push to talk. Of course I am.
  7. Might be my shit pc but I can never talk in ts or discord during loading screens or else I get it also.
  8. That is probably a good idea. No idea why you did not do that in the first place.
  9. From what I hear you are super report happy, so I am kinda confused.
  10. Do they reset server after every round? Is there any way that teams up next can gear up while other teams are fighting their round. Do not know if possible but if you had admin gearing up next bracket it would streamline it.
  11. You trying to get this locked prematurely? Calm your tits, or take out your teenage rage on the one responsible.
  12. Now that i know we can setup our bans for what works best for us, i would like to only have my bans active sat-mon as these are the days that work best for me, thanks in advance.
  13. I think it is a really good patch. Parole was one of better things added in after 6.0 imo. While it might have been abused, it really did not do any harm. It created situations where all sides could be happy with outcome and continue to play. I just do not understand how you guys have let captains make 2 big changes within as many weeks.
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