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  1. turned evo gang 4G63 too nuts
  2. me. In all seriousness it depends on the state though, in NY I work in Real Estate and I dont think a single one of us in our office doesnt have a felony or some kind of criminal record @Roice felony gang
  3. I knew he was a fucking wierdo
  4. perfect applicant @Gareth we could use him as a meat shield
  5. give them time lol they arent gonna take old dev time
  6. I never said you haven't played thousands of hours, I'm just stating there's no point in this argument because we just have different opinions on what would be best.
  7. His opinion is different from you and I's, there's no need for that.
  8. why would we wipe the server, 2 people whove been deeply embedded in the community for years know just as well as the rest of us thats a dumb idea. people have grinded thousands of hours and made enough money for rent just by selling off money. That's a horrible idea. We wanna attract new and old players, not just new players. I'm not gonna sit here arguing though, We just don't see eye to eye in this topic.
  9. who cares I want the chickens dirty work, and ill pay for it. Top dollar my man.
  10. Why grind when I can just buy money
  11. # F R E E J W I L L Y # F R E E Z ^ N ^ Y # F R E E M C L O V I N # F R E E S A M M Y
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