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  1. Olympus already done that, shit show and I dont think we really have a roadmap sad to say with bamfs absence a large portion of the time (Dont blame em' he's a busy guy.)
  2. U cant come for 1 and leave without both
  3. bro what Kind of fuckin question is that
  4. Alright guys lets start a thread so we can put some faces to the voices. Ill start off with me. I know Im chubby but no hate
  5. ill be on for this
  6. u leavin us on a cliffhanger here boi
  7. dm me if u need someone with fingers
  8. excuse me
  9. tryna get a group going lets play! my GT is FoolGapper Sean
  10. Real montages btw
  11. where am I
  12. that's nothing compared to when Rodrigo shot me in the back from a light year away, I had to replace most of my peripherals that weekend
  13. Age - 20 What trucks do you own - every truck Can you be active - when im not working or racing or working on my race car Do you consent to drug test - no, but yes no meme, kinda like the idea.
  14. shut up you fat a toxic.
  15. understandable.. but my point was you're a toxic retard in my opinion, with no life and living at your moms. I noticed when I started doing a little digging that most of you trolls here on asylum, look like a troll outside of the internet world. Therefore, you have to act like one on the internet and act like you're hot shit. but in reality you're not, hence why you flame people on the gaming asylum forums. Dude, don't leave home, and if you do, you'll get your head knocked off by the first real Silverback gorilla to hear you talking some shit 3 that's all homie! peace out trolls I fixed his grammer guys.