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  1. we should have another gang wars, just for old times sake. If an admin is willing to supervise im willing to put it together.
  2. fair point u got there do u guys fight cause im in a gang just looking to rip heads not ddos each other ahaha
  3. sounds good
  4. woah no need to be so toxic how would u like to be mod qued u horseriding hillbilly.
  5. lmk when the fights are if i still have ya on steam
  6. how is the fights honestly now, any answer but dead id be happy with cause i know they are. Should I retire the PO7 and kavala kidnapping house? and pick up my Mk again?
  7. I beg to differ on maaqs being the biggest t swizzle fan in these here parts
  8. you may have won the battle but you havent won the war
  9. people go through shit when they leave their house, Which must be a crazy concept for you to grasp. I was simply thanking the community, for helping me through it.
  10. you are literally a walking sack of depression, do you need to get bullied ion the asylum welcome channel again?
  11. who the fuck are you tough guys talking too like that? thats crunchedd ok? don’t disrespect him on this isnt the internet buddy this is real life . Also Marzoh, as ive said time and time again; Leave your house that daddy paid for.
  12. o7 s2 miss the vpr days feelsbadman @Monkeysz @Roicesb
  13. -1 my favorite bottleneck roadblock but dont tell clint thx
  14. no, 1070 is way cheaper and not much less power
  15. can we maybe get a crowd fund going for you guys to find an extremely active dev to pay out to? maybe 250 a month for him? to fix framework listen to community outreach and add things we want added?