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  1. make a gang with me
  2. im bad
  3. even if you do you wont have him for too long
  4. oh u think thats bad u should hear me or @Gareth2.0 or anyone in the Tenacity Cig Squad
  5. add my cs acc
  6. whenever I think of "the list" I think of Chris Benoit killing his family and themselves
  7. u need to stop, you scottish BASTARD
  8. we should have another gang wars, just for old times sake. If an admin is willing to supervise im willing to put it together.
  9. fair point u got there do u guys fight cause im in a gang just looking to rip heads not ddos each other ahaha
  10. sounds good
  11. woah no need to be so toxic how would u like to be mod qued u horseriding hillbilly.
  12. lmk when the fights are if i still have ya on steam
  13. how is the fights honestly now, any answer but dead id be happy with cause i know they are. Should I retire the PO7 and kavala kidnapping house? and pick up my Mk again?
  14. I beg to differ on maaqs being the biggest t swizzle fan in these here parts
  15. you may have won the battle but you havent won the war