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  1. Real montages btw
  2. where am I
  3. that's nothing compared to when Rodrigo shot me in the back from a light year away, I had to replace most of my peripherals that weekend
  4. Age - 20 What trucks do you own - every truck Can you be active - when im not working or racing or working on my race car Do you consent to drug test - no, but yes no meme, kinda like the idea.
  5. shut up you fat a toxic.
  6. understandable.. but my point was you're a toxic retard in my opinion, with no life and living at your moms. I noticed when I started doing a little digging that most of you trolls here on asylum, look like a troll outside of the internet world. Therefore, you have to act like one on the internet and act like you're hot shit. but in reality you're not, hence why you flame people on the gaming asylum forums. Dude, don't leave home, and if you do, you'll get your head knocked off by the first real Silverback gorilla to hear you talking some shit 3 that's all homie! peace out trolls I fixed his grammer guys.
  7. "thats at least 20 pounds of water that just fell on him"
  8. Not gonna take a pic upload it and put it on here lmfao, If you are curious to the sock heres what im using right sock to be exact :))))
  9. Blue snowball has been working perfect for me for almost 2 years, I put a sock over the microphone of it, acts as a free stand in for a pop filter IMO
  10. Gotchu B
  11. Subies are my shit dawg! Im probably gonna keep the Hawkeye, shit has changed. I got rid of the STi and bought a Supra and parts for the build, Swapped a newer engine into it (2JZ obviously with a big turbo in it). currently im looking for a daily which will be a 2008 Legacy GT Manual but they are suuuper rare to find. The supra was an impulse buy, sorry yall lmao
  12. Putting my preorder in for either an 2019 LC500h or GT-R
  13. should have unclipped yourself mid flight to do this community a favor
  14. what would you reccomend for performance other than Dinan?
  15. The real reason steve’s head gets ripped off all the time is because his heads actually enormous.