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  1. RIP
  2. We need more of these montages
  3. Obviously
  4. No combat stance and uses adaptive crosshair -1
  5. Thats all I am. Absolute no skill but 100% memes with great fun and good roblox montages
  6. No no no the wireless ones are trash these are the wired ones the microphone is significantly better on the wired ones
  7. I use the Corsair VOID and honestly they are super comfy. The ear cups are made of the same material as the Astros ear cups. They do have a weird look to them but honestly you dont notice it cause its on your head obviously but also a huge plus is it does have a EQ system in the corsair utility engine so you can fine tune the sound to your liking also its dolbe 7.1 surround sound that is toggle able to be stereo if you like stereo more
  8. Great work! its a shame it wont ever be added...
  9. seriously why move the old bank? why not just redo the old bank and fix the complaints of the old bank... This is like changing the prison for a year except after people beg for it to be changed and you finally change it back after a year...
  10. Depends on your definition of big I guess
  11. +1 good song
  12. Today is a day I will never forget
  13. What the fuck is wrong with you... dont ever post on the forums again this was worse than my Roblox montages...