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  1. "User in your channel timed out" yeah sums up gang life a year ago
  2. When the own developers cant fix their own servers so they higher an outside source to fix it
  3. Good montage. Loved the song +1 also do you play with motion blur? some clips look like they have motion blur turned on
  4. Leave before its too late. The server crashes and undeveloped server are not worth the time and effort of making money to "fight"
  5. There is this foreign land that brings riches and promise. I believe its called Mount Olympus Entertainment in Greece. Rumor has it that the gods are active and bring new gifts to the people and listen to the people's concerns. Who knows though the gods from Asylum have punished us for so long we are not use to the riches of the foreign lands.
  6. motion blur
  7. You are fucking stupid... no one is going to pay to play a server that is a mod on a paid game... Also Olympus is stable and developed way furhter than asylum (not to mention fps is higher) so why on earth would people pay to play on a UNDER developed server that is UNSTABLE and doesn't listen to the community.
  8. I heard the server is more stable than Asylum's
  9. Reapered Who?
  10. I would play asylum more but the servers wont stop crashing
  11. Clips gathered within a week so dont expect much. Also this is a coptage so dont take it too serious.
  12. also +1
  13. +1
  14. I know a particular server (not naming names) that has it in and the .50 cal ammo doesnt spawn soooooooooooo I think its possible
  15. Clearly your sense of humor is different than mine