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  1. oh shit thats a NMD clip
  2. LOL yeah I mean I am an idiot when it comes to games cause I like to let loose and have fun but I take designing seriously and professinaly because it is a career and it involves real clients that are paying me to make art and not paying me dirty money for killing people
  3. thanks fam
  4. Not really lol just another speed art with a god tier design
  5. this is such a dead meme why would you make an account with this name?
  6. That meme is dead
  7. Well I made another one this time I took one of my crappy drawings and made it into a digital piece. Let me know your thoughts on this type of stuff
  8. You know I feel this is sad how small things like these would make Asylum so much more enjoyable but the community is on a downfall as it is and the dev's dont listen to the community until its like 6 months after we begged them to change something. Also Steve is the only person in this community that has a brain when it comes to coming up with ideas on how to improve asylum +1
  9. 18 O_o
  10. the memes never die I see XD
  11. ill show up on cop one day I promise <3
  12. Ive been away from the asylum community for a while to focus on my career as a graphics designer and I got bored and wanted to make a speed art so here you go
  13. Anyone else not find this funny?
  14. just gona leave this here to compare to that last clip
  15. @1:02 @Sugarfoot