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  1. Uh, I mean honestly. it looks like they may sync now. I'm not 100% sure where they get stored... However, it's probably this?? lol I mean if you play soon and find it working, let me know. Would be cool. Thanks.
  2. Yeah correct, that's what this was related to.. It's issues with how apparently the database was hosted on an older version "Back in the day", then at some point 5.7.16 was installed... and it's an issue with dates. However, the servers and the forums all have to go down for that adjustment to take place. I had to re-import that data which it didn't like happening... Not sure how it was updated. However, it looks like at one point too someone managed to fuck up something that caused some old accounts to have some odd data syncs or something back in 2017 and such...
  3. I mean once again. Has this always been a thing? I don't even see in the DB where it would be storing that stuff... As there is no columns for it unless it's one of these generic named columns that have just an array of numbers like [4342,2313,342] then probably have zero notes in the code as to what each value represents....
  4. idk? Wasn't aware these were also an issue? Everyone has just been saying honor. Has this always been a thing or?
  5. Hey all, Forgot to mention it because it was the last thing I quick did before heading to bed last night... (8 hours ago) I should have fixed honor on the servers... Let me know if it's not saving now or something... The talents and such should save now too. Please let me know if the data you may not have been syncing prior in the week(s) is now syncing as of the last 8 hours or so. Thanks, Jesse
  6. I fixed it before bed. It should sync now.
  7. The hitboxes are modified. If you sit in it, have a friend shoot around your body and what not in the vehicle. The hitbox is pretty good....
  8. Working on / investigating it right now.
  9. Yes, it was just loading up as Server 1's profile. All is good now. No, I don't play the game.
  10. Not my choice to make. Sorry. All Admins & Moderators can see the preview changelogs, several were on my test server and such. They have given feedback, etc. It's way more than what it was before... I would also say that the community is probably being the most listened to it really ever has been? Idk. Give it time for change. It's not gonna all happen at the snap of some fingers.
  11. Has been resolved. Server 3 runs a different setup than S1 & S2, it'll be phased out soon. However, forgot to make some custom adjustments I had made last month.
  12. And it attacks the CPU/GPU where it hurts.
  13. Yes? Because, we're not exactly able to do anything about it. It's a long-ish story, I'll let someone else tell it if they want. However, hopefully soon it's all in the past...
  14. Thanks man. Glad you think I sound like a squeaky bitch.
  15. You pretending to be in the movie BirdBox? This is not due to my settings. The issues that happened to all 3 servers were out of our control.