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  1. Sorry I couldn't predict 3 weeks of working 66hrs each week... I had 3 OT Days a week for the last 3 weeks, I had a whole 1 day off a week... I don't chose when my work says we need everyone working. Sorry that timelines change. The original was quite accurate for this week.
  2. Thanks for those of you who understand. For those of you who don't, I'm sorry and obviously there is not much more I can say to make you understand. We took an absolutely empty basic OLD ( Altis Life and are trying to make it Asylum. It's not just copy paste, it's a lot of work and a lot of debugging. As a lot of this code hasn't been updated or adjusted. We've also added in some new stuff like vehicle syncs between restarts, new housing/vehicle inventory systems, several new menus. All this stuff requires time to be done correctly. If we release a mission with errors. How do we know the issues we may experience are from the KNOWN released issues or if it's some deeper issue? It's not a good practice. Projects almost never meet deadlines unfortunately. If you've ever had your city re-do a road... you know this... weather changes. However, for those who have seen what we have going as far as staff and Henry/Azeh, I think we'd all agree we've got quite a bit done and are close to where we want to be.
  3. You obviously haven't read previous comments... It depends on how stuff goes.
  4. We've actively been testing stuff ourselves of course and staff members have been testing stuff as well as fit. This is a game dude. Not a business. If I didn't have a job and other commitments this would've been done a long time ago. People don't want to be left in the dark, so I try to give the best possible estimates that I can. I said the date was not set in stone. We're trying very hard to keep to our commitment. If you were here in the days of Paratus, you would be thankful. We could just leave you all in the dark forever and then just randomly drop something. We're trying to be involved with community as far as active development of things go. I mean we can just stop communicating and you can all wonder. We're trying our best for a group of people working on this, especially when THIS IS NOT OUR JOB. It's merely a hobby. My real life stuff comes first 100% of the time. I use to put Arma in front of that stuff and I got to a real shitty point in my life. Never again. See above.
  5. We're currently working around the clock on it basically. We'll see where we're at tomorrow. We wipe a few things off the list and several more pop up. Nearly all server code has been re-written for current stuff in. Also, a lot has changed clientside code wise to improve readability, functionality, and making stuff more scale-able. However, we are in my opinion about 24hrs - 36hrs behind where I expected to be. Not necessarily that many development hours, just a day and a half behind schedule. Which is pretty good considering I gave the week almost a month ago. It does look like we may need to push it to release next mid-week (Which if we do that, we'll release with the contact stuff and such at the same time). However, we could do it Saturday. Really depends how our testing continues and what we realize we're forgetting and what is missing as we go. I also work Sat-Mon, so I'd really rather not release it then leave for work in the event issues crop up while I'm working, I wouldn't be able to do anything. You can see below we literally have timestamps at all times of day... 3AM, 4AM, 12PM, 1PM, etc...
  6. That's a lot of potential updating to the marker and check wise it's a bit heavy. I made it so it's pretty instant to show contested or not. If someone is capping it whether up or down it shows contested. If they go off it, it displays the owner of the cartel and doesn't display contested.
  7. Done. To now even be considered you have to have the rebel talent and a license(training) from rebel
  8. The banlist will remain the same. No reason to unban people?
  9. Jesse

    V2 Gang Ranks

    Idk. It might not even be a thing. Who knows. Does the specifics matter? I mean it could really be anything.. The ATM would probably make the most sense. Could be available on the web too. Who knows.
  10. Jesse

    V2 Gang Ranks

    I code it?
  11. Jesse

    V2 Gang Ranks

    Thoughts? Provided by @RoguePilot UPDATED:
  12. We will be moving to a one gang system. Details to follow upon release of V2.
  13. That's not what we're trying to do. It would affect aspects of administration that would make things more than likely a lot easier. It would also make certain things in-game easier for players. Instead of having the same gang on 2 or 3 servers and having to invite someone 2 or 3 times, it'd be just once. Don't have to worry about setting ranks on 2 or 3 different servers. Just a lot of stuff that would be simplified.
  14. Maintained or refunded. May need to re-enter like talents. However, you'd be comped essentially the amount. This will not be implemented immediately on release.
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