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  1. Especially since a black rifle resembling ones used in military and police applications wasn't used in that video. Probably would've barely got news coverage
  2. A hotfix is being applied when each server restarts naturally. Will be fixed then.
  3. Can thank Mr @Bikstok No sir, something @Pizza Man whipped up
  4. Update will take automatically on all 3 servers as they restart naturally. Added: Added ability to repair/refuel vehicles in garage. Changed: Changed the system for chat commands. "!" is also the trigger now. For example: "!911 Help" or "!e ninja". Changes to code syntax/formatting. Many minor optimizations. Modified Precinct 3 whitelisting. Renamed BABS to CABS in one place. Renamed certain files to remove duplicate names. Reworked APD charging menu & wanted list. Reworked clothing shop menu. Tweaked bank payout to be dependent on the amount of cops online. Tweaked pickup of donor items. The sell price of diamonds has gone up. Fixed: Fixed federal reserve robbing animation where you would get stuck in an animation after drilling a safe. Fixed drill stopping animation at the bank where you would move around unless you had a primary weapon in your hands. Reworked virtual item shops to fix item prices. Hotfix #1: Fixed Skiptracer clothing menu. Various wanted menu tweaks.
  5. At this point. Nothing. Maybe some ts/discord/forum permissions. They're not limited in anyway. Have access to the test db etc.
  6. We operate in dollars here good sir.
  7. More than 1k. Less than 2. Probably in the middle.
  8. I don't think you know what you're on about. The current Altis Life Repo offered from AsYetUntitled becomes quite unstable after 50 players. I know because I used it for Tanoa. It has flaws too. However, it's not like if we just run a default mission people would play it. People wouldn't because it doesn't have things like talents or this or that they liked before. People may say they would but they wouldn't... hence why no new altis life servers beyond streamer servers work out for people...
  9. If you didn't know... I am 25 and currently am being forced OT at my work. I work 12hr shifts normal and 10hr OT shifts. I have a dog I spoil and treat like a daughter basically, she goes everywhere I go except work. I'm not on some payroll here. If someone wants to pay my wages I'd normally make. I'll gladly quit my job and work on Asylum full-time. I also don't spend much time on Asylum like I did working on Olympus. Some days I'd spend 10hrs+ working on Olympus. I didn't have a high energy puppy bothering me and waking me up at 7am everyday. Now i go to bed at 3am usually. For example its 1A now and I have to be up for work at 4:30A. A whole 3hrs 30 mins or so from now I'll be up to work 12hrs. I maybe spend 8hrs a week nowish on Asylum. Most of that recently has been moving servers. Fixing myasylum issues from the move. Fixing and upgrading the forums like 20 versions. Fixing 2 factor auth. Custom coding some IPS stuff for the support ticket system. On top of that like 4hrs helping find all the exploiters the other day which ruined what was going to be a long coding session. Shit like that. If i didn't have to spend a bunch of time figuring out how someone could lagswitch, abuse, exploit features and such; i could crank out tons of cool shit. However, like Google said, its the developers job to code it right. So yeah i spend about 30% of my time coding and ab ok ut 70% figuring out how to prevent exploits, dupes, lag switching for stuff that gets made since no one has self control. I did not come here to teach people. I don't know what you expect me to exactly do with others around here? They can make content or ask to work on things. I made a comment on discord offering to help if anyone had questions or needed stuff to work on. I got two very quick easy questions and that was that. If everyone would offer help to work towards the stuff we need to get done currently things would be moving along faster. Also, there is people who barely, if at all show their face. Hard to spend 30% of your time with those who are ghosts anyways.
  10. Real life commitments. Burnt on the game. The game has also turned more in to people just trying to compare dicks and who can use the better cheats or applications to help them win. It's no longer a game about skill and having fun. It's now just a big dick measuring competition.
  11. Sort of, we're discussing potential things we could do.
  12. When some Cloudflare settings were changed (I messaged @Clint Beastwood a bit ago and he made the changes required to reset) it removed the ability to visit the site at https://. Part of the issue cropped up during migration. You can now revisit by specifying in your address bar and eventually we will probably have it so it's just used by default. I've addressed this issue previously as discussed in this thread: http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/99034-server-adjustments-server-2/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-700383
  13. Yeah. However, free weekend also brings cheaters. Which means core players may not play, plus with the Apex game just releasing we know some may be off playing that game pretty hard. I know when I played back when, I'd avoid these weekends...
  14. Server 2 would have like 15% more priority? lol. Doesn't matter that much. The fixes on S1 & S3 will remain in place permanently. Server 2 just has a few other adjustments that I'm curious about.
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