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  1. I was happy to see parts I remember fighting at
  2. Bread

    Show me em Cities!

    My cities never last that long. I'm so bad at starting I have to give myself unlimited money, build my structure up a bit then go from there
  3. I have to agree. But damn my sides hurt from laughing
  4. Great not this guy again Wait... to the polls!
  5. Stratis was small and in my opinion it was better than Tanoa
  6. What about the Maldin
  7. You forgo me. I shall go die now
  8. Can I be CoP then?
  9. Bruh just be like a normal person and spam the fuck out of that enter key
  10. Bread

    Change log 8.1.6

    I'd rather send you to jail then fly a heli over and watch you just sit and burn in there. Dont matter how much you're wanted for
  11. If you want to play the barricade game. I'll play with it too. Next time I'll use Nitro so it blows up.
  12. Failed to Kidnap me. But it was real nice sending you guys to jail once I got on the server to play
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