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  1. If you want to play the barricade game. I'll play with it too. Next time I'll use Nitro so it blows up.
  2. Failed to Kidnap me. But it was real nice sending you guys to jail once I got on the server to play
  3. @Slade Wilson
  4. Highlight of the whole video
  5. Reason 1 why you never stay on the ground too long
  6. Get em slade, Get em!
  7. Uh if I read the TLDR right but sounds like RDM
  8. I have a solution
  9. I don't remember issuing points but then again I haven't been to sleep in a about 36 hours
  10. No one will stop my tyranny! AHAHA. I mean... I said come speak to me in TS, this is posting on the forums. Not speaking to me in TS
  11. Not going to lie. This is one of the reasons I stopped paying attention in math classes. Hated when teachers did this.