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  1. Oh damn so y'all still crying about it even after the nerf? Git gud.
  2. I don't usually like to respond to inbred fucks like you but can you elaborate more on who exactly does the same? Those innocent kids or people that are praying in a mosque and cannot defend themselves? Or ISIS? Who has killed more Muslims than any other people in the world. Nobody in earth deserves to be killed like that, regardless of what religion, skin color or whatever the fuck you believe in. What happened today just shows that terrorism has no religion.
  3. Wtf do you need more, drones are the only thing that the cops have that you dont.. Everything else you have is 10x better. You're not getting it because you're not trusted enough to use it as SGTs+.
  4. Problem is that once the LT's get their requirement activity for the month which is honestly nothing compared to before then they don't really have to do anything more than that.
  5. love the flick at the end, ur like KennyS but from Asylum.
  6. Just permanently ban the idiots who keeps getting banned over and over again. People break the rules then bitch about getting their accounts wiped, you should be happy you're not banned permanently.
  7. You remind me of Gnashes. He used to give me warning points for swearing or having photos like I do now, ahahah cuz we had ''kids'' playing the game... Same kids that can swear better than adults.
  8. Dull

    Arma Settigns

    First of all, overclock your CPU.
  9. What kinda sleeping meds did you get? Cause I used many as well and those that worked really well were addictive as fuck which is not good but the the other ones were so weak and you wouldn't get addicted to them, they kinda did nothing to be honest. But yeah weed is definitely one of the best solution
  10. Welcome back, don't really recall your name from before but it's good to see very old school faces back. Wish Clint and Bada bought Asylum long time ago, so many things would have been better and different today in a good way.
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