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  1. I think a stolen cop car or something there and a medic being taken hostage by the rebels in the photo would fit better and represent all 3 factions rather than 1.
  2. Haha I know, had another orca photo from Asylum but the skin texture was just filled with boobs.. So didn't wanna post it, here's another good two just for you.
  3. Sure but they don't get that in cities like Kavla, Pyrgos or Athira. Maybe at cartels, or open fields sure. I get that too. But in cities is where it starts going downhill and by that I don't mean like 30 fps, no I hover around 50-70~ in cities which is honestly ok. I have intel i7 8700k, gtx 1080ti and 32gb ram.
  4. It has nothing to do with your spec, join some wasteland server and look at your fps, you'll get like 100+ with that hardware. It's just the servers and hardware they're hosted on from what I understood once. I could be wrong.
  5. Just remove the police force.
  6. I usually have this problem every time I turn my pc on then after couple smacks it stops, mine sounds exactly the same even though it's like 8 month old and really clean from inside but it stops when i smack it or lift the case up a bit then put it back down.
  7. Let's do it boy.
  8. Press charges against the fucker.
  9. Haha suck it. Wherever you like it or not, I was one of the best and longest standing LTs with daily false reports that I saw in both forums and also admin skype chat, was an LT for around 2 years. Had the most interviews (probably still hold the record after 3-4 years), reports done, work done, ingame time, everything. Either way, I had so much fun with all the old school players and gangs but we all got bored at some point and now they're all playing other games. People would switch servers to fight against me and the cops there, that's how much fun we had. Now the servers are so dead and boring.
  10. Do that from the beginning next time so people can see the whole story rather than 55 seconds that shows someone so badly, because last time I checked it was against the rules to show someone negatively on the forums like you're trying to do, or am I wrong?
  11. I completely understand the way you're looking at it, but let's look at it the other way, you have a 55 seconds video STARTING from a dude going at such high speed and offroading while having a police sport-hatchback on his ass. What could have happened before that? Just the cop randomly doing that seems so bullshit to me, you also have loud music, maybe that's covering up sirens from the beginning, you couldn't hear the sirens until the police car got very close. If you seriously think this cop should get punished based of that 55 seconds video, there's something very wrong in the community. The only issue I see here is him using lethals on just one target with no weapon, it's possible that he had wrong magazines loaded which is also his fault, but just also some other way to look at it. I don't really care if he's a robo-cop at other times, there's higherups that can take care of that but what's blowing my mind is those that wanna punish him from this SPECIFIC 55 SECONDS video that starts off SO WEIRDLY. He put his gun away so he wouldn't be shot? Well what happened before that, why is he offroading? Why is he speeding? Why did he have his gun in his hand before putting it in vehicle, why was the police hatchback on his ass from the start? There's so many questions and no answers. You might be new to this but both factions trying to get each other in trouble for stupid stuff has been a thing since the start. So bait videos like this and other things have always been a thing.
  12. I don't believe that until I see a video, seems like complete bullshit to me with the way he's driving, putting his katiba in the car and putting loud music to probably cover up the siren sound from the beginning. You have retired Sergeants and other ''higher ups'' that is judging this cop and some telling you this cop and the sergeant who passed his ride-along should be punished from a fucking 55 seconds video.
  13. Can we see what happened before that? I have a hard time believing that this is the whole story. This guy is chasing you with sirens, you're evading arrest because you said you were on heroine field? You had your Katiba on you before putting it in vehicle which maybe means that the cops saw you with an illegal weapon before those 55 seconds and started chasing you with his sirens on when you decided to evade and offroad. The only issue I see in this video from those 55 seconds is him using lethals. Other than that, show us a full 5 minutes video without that loud music so we can hear what's going on as well.