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  1. come back to Asylum
  2. I know we don't talk anymore, but you were always a good little buddy to have. Good job
  3. I wanted to avoid the hipfire kills, but when you 1v6 and down 4 rebels you just gotta put that in the tage.
  4. Is it giving you a message whenever it kicks you, or is it just putting you at server selection? For example, is there a message that says "Kicked from the server"
  5. Try restarting Arma 3
  6. 1 crate, 3 barrels isnt that what you need?
  7. i have 2 70ks in dp11
  8. every time someone kills Rodrigo
  9. Whenever your vehicle is chopped or destroyed, it will not be put back into your garage.
  10. Were you even alive when College Dropout was release? Do yourself a favor and go listen to Late Registration and College Dropout before you come here hating on Kanye.
  11. The APD would never allow Rodrigo to have a 7.62 as a police officer. It would be too op
  12. Hey I love your youtube channel!