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  1. Why is @The Monopoly Man liking this post when he's got his own apd side chick
  2. We need a special tag for Azeh The man deserves to be reconized
  3. thats gaskal everyday
  4. It's been addressed many times If they continue doing it, just file a player report and move on.
  5. Hook me up with a link to the old forums
  6. great video as always aleec spazeed master hacker
  7. west coast representin
  8. it was me
  9. !gaskal
  10. Goodbye I will miss you rp slayer... Said by nobody, get the fuck outta here
  11. he's going for the big prize cuko
  12. i love all the boys
  13. i think HVT was created around the time mega gangs started popping up. cops couldnt do anything when people had like 20+ on the server so they had to create a system that was fair for them to get people arrested. Tbh it probably should still be around, but it should have some stricter rules..