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  1. You’re a terrorist
  2. when that shit was happening he was yelling saying "fuck this community i am done with these retards, they wanna call my family fuck em then". that was 3 months ago and he hasn't done shit since. understandable i would quit too if that shit was happening to me prob quit for that too tho
  3. dead meme wtf pikachu meme stock went up yesterday after pokemon movie trailer release. gnashes quitting had nothing to do with pay or anything like that. let's just say there was an incident with some phone calls to his family that finally broke the camels back
  4. Gnashes was paid at one point before poseidon came along. Not sure how many times though.
  5. You are honestly one of the biggest retards I have come across on these forums, and that is saying something...
  6. It wasn’t about people being mean, it was about people calling his family and other shit.
  7. I’m not sure if you are implying that im bitter or something else but I personally never had an issue with Gnashes. His hostility never bothered me but there were some times where he was an ok person to be around. I’m just saying that I witnessed him treat many people like shit, one of the biggest was @Poseidon. Everytime I was in the channel with those two, he would treat him like he’s a 5 year old.
  8. Lets not pretend like he treated everybody with respect.
  9. Nobody because its pointless driving all that way just to die and not be able to come back geared for another 20 minutes
  10. Bunch of career cops circle jerking in this thread Kys all of you
  11. Haven’t played the beta but i assume they will try to up the game difficulty or something after its over. hmu when the game comes out
  12. Why is it roices fault when the rules were clearly stated and yet you tried to do it anyways. Every gang wars there’s always 1 gang. I believe this is the second time we have caught a ban evader playing with Jaconites gang during gang wars. Take up your beef with him.