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  1. old no recoil PDW pls
  2. Looks like detective flarechaser wasn't so wrong after all. The curious case of NV's supply of orcas has been solved!
  3. I love a good political debate
  4. This type of play will be the standard in csgo in just a couple of years. Just you wait
  5. Even though Rodrigo pretty much explained what happened, I just wanna give my thoughts on why things were so chaotic. Our reasoning for letting Insomnia play even though they tried to play with someone not on their roster was because we had dq'ed 2 teams already. We were getting spammed constantly "why is it taking so long" well we cant control if teams dont show up. We just wanted to get a match going as quick as possibly because we knew it was taking forever and players started messaging me they had to leave because they were eu. Then someone on Insomnia vdm'd somebody and killed him while he was ragdolled. The rules clearly stated if you vdm somebody, your team gets dq'd. That's 2 rules they broke and if we let them continue on, it wouldv been extremely unfair because we dq'd temper for practically the same thing. Next time we will change some of the rules to make sure this doesnt happen again I know this gang wars has been really poor in terms of quality, but you have to look at it from our perspective. This is our first time running a gang wars and we did this for you guys. I admit, we fucked up but we learned a lot from the first day and hopefully next time it will be much better.
  6. Thats why i love kanye, TLOP is his worst album but yet its so good
  7. Fair enough Personally I think Runaway is prob one of his top 3 songs of all time but there are some on that album that I just can't listen to. If i had to rank all of his Albums it would go like this Late Registration 808s & Heartbreak College Dropout MBDTF Watch the throne Graduation Yeezus TLOP
  8. MBDTF over College dropout and/or Late Registration?
  10. hey casper dont listen to these people, they are just jealous cause you got more kills in one clip than all these ppls kills combined on asylum keep up the good work little buddy
  12. Just so we are clear, these cops could have searched your van because they witnessed you having possession of 2 illegal firearms. Just because you didn't have a bounty, doesn't mean you couldn't have been searched. No idea what these police officers were doing...
  13. i have never played, but im gonna try to grind the game when classic comes out. if anyone is down to play hit me up