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  1. Watch “The Boys” on amazon. so fucking good, top quality show.
  2. Paratus pocketed a shit ton of money from that obvious scam Identity. I think he made the right decision’s buddy.
  3. Reapered

    V2 IS LIVE

    Hey man, could start renting houses. Buy leases and let people use your house for payments. @Jesse @Clint Beastwood @Azeh Get on it buds
  4. You’re just not a gamer like they are, only true gamers can handle the shotguns
  5. Reapered

    V2 IS LIVE

    Learn how to format, your paragraphs looks like a wall of shit. FTFY-Mitch
  6. I don’t think this is as big a deal as people are making it out to be....
  7. What are you talking about, gang wars is one of the biggest esports premier tournaments of the year. Million dollar prize pool!!
  8. Except dynamic que season that was fucking aids. league is fucking shit now, too many aids new champions and reworks.
  9. Hey this guy is great!!! Top quality kavala car flipper right here!! Best medic!!
  10. Already signed up for keemstar’s minecraft mondays
  11. Competition for v2=0 envy gonna take over again
  12. Damn man, made so many people including myself look like idiots.
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