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  1. Tread lightly
  2. i don't waste my time with running guns so i wouldn't know
  3. i actually think the rotation is fine, just add some houses to the west side of the map near the lab.
  4. Back before admins could put money into people's accounts when they were offline, you had to get a comp approved and then go on teamspeak to speak with an admin or support team to get your money. The devs made it to where they could put money into the asylum exchange without the person being online, thus not needing support to give money for approved comps anymore.
  5. unlock the support team's fullest potential, give us the power to do comp reports!
  6. Yea ill robocop the fuck out of people if all they have to tell me is that they defended themselves from robbers and want 100% reduced ticket. if they have like 10k or below and are looking new to the server ill just give them a pardon havent heard a good story in a long time
  7. 1. Softlog to where you need to go first then hit swat 2. I don't see the problem, takes me less than 5 minutes to process 1 individual. 3. Sucks i guess, ask for a cut if you're with friends. People's game crash all the time while flying orcas etc...
  8. Not like you're gonna get much off of a lethal anyway. Would rather lose 500 dollars everyonce in awhile, than thousands of dollars to leeches. Plus it would be unrealistic to enforce such a rule, how do you know the people intentionally softlogged to get the money?
  9. Think its possible to make it to where you can't take any radius payment for 5 minutes while on cop if you softlog or login? That will stop the abusers and make everyone happy @Gnashes @bamf
  10. Press f12 to take the screenshot, open steam overlay, hit view screenshots button, upload the picture you want to your library, copy picture link and paste into your app.
  11. i think something we can all agree on is that the altis government is corrupt as fuck
  12. Once the bank has been initiated, you can kill anyone by any means (except exploiting and vdming of course) that is within the radius of the bank
  13. If would like to speak with me about issues on the server, you are more than welcome to join our teamspeak at
  14. i hate to agree with xehons but god damn this meme was butchered
  15. Congrats on winning the 150k, the easter egg is that you can execute people under the bridge in kavala.