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  1. you scammed some poor kids and get support while stonecold has a conversation with someone and gets permed wheres the justice in that
  2. Free ma boy stone i heard you jailed him permanently @Gaskal is a terrorist
  3. You said it was good the other week, kill yourself
  4. It’s like they threw darts on names to see who got the throne, and who killed the night king. read the books folks
  5. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 glad to see you joining me in the Bahamas. Grab yourself some margaritas and enjoy the ocean view with me bud.
  6. I can fix that if you send it to me
  7. Terrible episode with cringe slapped all over it. 8 seasons of plot gone because they wanted to *surprise* the viewers. Well surprise, it was fucking trash and makes absolutely no sense. @JoeDa only a fucking casual could enjoy that neck yourself
  8. The last season that was truly great (with the exception of Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards, and Winds of Winter) was season 4. The writing has been shit ever since Tywin’s death.
  9. Disappointing? More like fucking trash with cringe all over the episode. Game of thrones has turned into trash made for casual fans. 8 seasons of plot thrown away for a *surprise* ending. Yea was pretty surprisingly terrible. George R. R. Martin should be ashamed that pile of shit was allowed to air.
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