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  1. I am writing this on my phone so forgive my grammar and shit. i have been around Asylum for around 5 years now. I have met many friends throughout the years and I’m glad to have been apart of this community during its peak. This is goodbye probably forever, even if they fix the servers I don’t see myself playing anymore. Not the fault of the new owners or anything, I just don’t enjoy playing video games anymore. Here’s a shoutout to all my peeps. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Gaskal @Cukofuko I have known you boys the longest out of anybody, you have been good friends throughout the years. Bada good luck on your server, you are legit the most forgiving person i have ever met and you should’ve probably not have allowed me to come back but you did. Gaskal my little terrorist, you are probably the funniest person I have ever met on here. Good luck being an admin. Cuko my guy, you are a dick but that’s what I like about you. Always telling people how it is and no bullshit. @MoralityVII @Sijanec @Marco @Smarty @Norwegianviking Got some great memories playing with you guys during 2017. You guys are good friends and I hope we stay in touch. Also I was the best LT out of all of u so fuck u. @Marzoh @Tyrese @Chester GoldPenis @Squirtle Always great chillen with you boys. Smashin u kids in league gives me great pleasure. @Clint Beastwood @Jayshawn I’m not sure if we are still cool or not. Even though i had some disagreements with you Clint about certain things, i still always respected you. I’d like to still consider us friends but I doubt you feel the same after all that shit. Jay it was great playin in Prime with you. Hmu if you want me to carry you in league some more. @Farmer Steve @Bag Of Funyuns @tyler and to all my little kavalians. It was fun being an admin but unfortunately I got bored. All my little kavala minions, it was fun messing around with you guys. Saving the best for last @Ibraheem @Azeh @SharingWriter @Wang Liqin @Jimbo @anthony @Rodrigo @Aidzo @Alec-I @Sean That Irish Guy @## Leaders ## Wang Liqin Sheep Technique Hamsham GHOST Aidzo Trym Rodrigo ## Members ## Widsyy Flynnstone Jonnah Nugs Eric g1ant Nickis Distilled Cheech Irish Reapered BananaPig Gaskal STONECOLD Ibraheem Zaxal Kuk Rusty Cake Systemchips PiP Azeh Dakk HoneyBooBoo Dawg Judgemental Cuko Don Sijanec Sugarfoot Tom Jimbo Explicit Rogue Anthony SharingWriter Babooshka Pippi Smoke Badabing Shepurd Zodiac Denied Lister javierodst Instagram Krypton Richy Rust Wuppie Kabeer Jackobob Buvaloz ChildSoldier gtalion Vlad Petrov Daan Drunken irish Man SwisherZ Vans MrAbzie BlueFalcon cbitpro Heinshenberg Travis Brezz high as a mong Glo Alec Drew AdaM NightFury Chillen with you boys has been great. ill still be on every now and then but i no longer have the gamer title. Wang and Azeh, thanks for getting me in Envy. Good luck to my boy Azeh, hope you get dev bud. Out of anybody on Asylum, you have earned it the most. ill probably still lurk on the forums, feel free to message me on steam if anybody is down to play some league or something Peace out kids, sorry if I left out anybody.
  2. take me off mod que and ill give you my 3 step plan on bringing back asylum to 2014 glory
  3. you die a hero or you live long enough to become gnashes
  4. feelsbadman not allowed to have dm's on these forums
  5. @Jayshawn msg on steam if you wanna learn how to be a real admin
  6. why do u people care so much
  7. Community has spoken!!!! 100% yes votes, @Azeh add them in the mission file bud
  8. Admin+ can get tanks and use them all the time, and the infamy tree sucks. So, an idea towards better infamy talents could be making a new branch and the end thing for 50k infamy is the ability for rebels to buy tanks. Because admin items are free they could be 7500 for the tank and maybe 1000 or some shit for the rdm payout. I don't see a problem with rebels having tanks for that price since the infamy tree is shit atm and tanks are easily seen at 500m if you think they are there. @Jesse @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood @Mitch (IFRIT) @Leady
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