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  1. Reapered

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Don't really care about parole but why not just nerf it to where it gves you like 25-50 percent of the bounty so you can please the plebs
  2. Reapered

    Its that time of year again...

    New people are just gonna leave when they see the server getting blown up
  3. Reapered

    Car show, street race, destruction derby

    Done before bud
  4. If u put no action taken, you will just get swarmed with blah blah blah crying for weeks then they run to the cm and all that nonsense saves everyone time
  5. Most of the time id just put action taken then do nothin on these types of reports honestly its insane how much people cry about the dumbest shit and its even more insane that someone would lay down a ban for this.
  6. Reapered


    Do i need to post the 1v1s from last night u didnt even last past lvl 1 in 4 of them
  7. Reapered

    Reapered don't hide the truth.

    reapered is gone bud
  8. Reapered


    Great song choice!
  9. Reapered

    Rebels Not Allowed in Kavala

    HAHAHAHAHAHA you may not remember me but i sure as hell remember your dumbass back in 2014. OG fuckwit shitposter robocop. Probably Asylum’s WORST LT. played angry back then and still playing angry now. Still not using your mic because you are insecure or have you gotten over that?
  10. Reapered

    Rebels Not Allowed in Kavala

    Cop rules are more lax than ever before and you are still crying about rebels being more op. Rebels pay more for loadouts Cops are able to teleport to cities and gear up instantly You have medic slots that allow revives over and over again with instant bloodbags Cops have disarming for lethals LT’s can fucking jump into illegal vehicles and drive them away Downing script was broken for years allowing for instant downs for shots to the fucking legs Yet rebels still control the server. Lmao you are living in the old days still. If anything, rebel and cop is balanced out A LOT more than it used to be. Neither side is op, you’re just terrible along with the other shitty career cops who cried over the years. ALSO FUCK THE NEW APD POLICY FOR THERISA. BUNCH OF SNOWFLAKE REBELS WHO CRIED ABOUT DONOR CAMPING, GET GOOD RETARDS.
  11. Reapered

    S1 WTB Shed or house near athira/Pyrgos

    I have one next to skiptracer throw some offers i also have a shed near lakka on either s2 or s3 cant remember
  12. Reapered

    Video contest submission - Alec-I

    Close the submissions, there is a clear winner here.
  13. Reapered

    How to appeal a ban

    Gaskal’s a terrorist
  14. Reapered

    Community Video Contest [Closed]

    This is the winning video