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  1. KYS

  2. Mod q for you bud
  3. Don’t worry i’m still going rogue, everyone in this thread is trash.
  4. ill make a post of all his responses to my questions.
  5. How about i conduct a community meeting once every month where everybody can speak their minds one at a time and I pass on everything to Bamf where he will see it. We can have a nice discussion about everything you want to talk about. Civ rep ain’t gonna happen and this is probably the next best thing. @TryHardSqueaker
  6. There’s a reason why it was removed in the first place. Don’t know why it was included into community goals when it was the community who begged for it to be taken out of the game.
  7. sure ill send you the file on discord when i get home
  8. I have an updated mission file where defibs dont bug
  9. Quilins no ty
  10. cm is a role that accomplishes nothing other than pissing off all the admins because all cms turn into douchebags
  11. banned for hacking ahahahhahahaha this is trash god bless whoever banned you
  12. Real cartel guide
  13. still havent been unbanned

  14. I'm in Iron haha got you retard