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  1. PM me your uplay name
  2. I have 1 more beta invites for PC if anyone wants one
  3. How can you see out/in windows and shit, whenever i play its just pure white or pitch black?
  4. Bohemia removed the ability to do so a while back.
  5. They have shit window armor and generate much less lift that an orca or hummingbird making much harder to recover from a mistake.
  6. That was a shit landing, idk what that dudes talking about, no shit you're going to blow up, going at least 80 km h semi-sideways into a bush on dirt. And why the fuck would you buy a hellcat.
  7. Nah, one of the new NVG's has thermal vision, that shits way to op.
  9. restart arma
  10. Idk.. perhaps don't process people in the middle of a fucking highway. Just a thought
  11. Why the fuck are you using group chat?
  12. That fucking laugh...
  14. Or you could just utilise this beautiful thing called patience and wait for it to be reviewed.
  15. "Allahu Akbar"