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  1. It's cute that you think you've seen something
  2. The plan is to have it re-released around the time of 8.0 Locking thread.
  3. you mean this: Locked. Necro Thread'd to the max
  4. Necro'd As far as 3rd party bans and scripting bans, as Bamf stated, those will NOT be lifted. Locking Thread.
  5. This would end so badly... lol Locking
  6. Locking Patch notes, Strife is down for the moment, and will be re-released around the release of the Altis Life 8.0 release.
  7. i think people use adblock. #Haplocked
  8. that's too simple..can't do that
  9. Feel like some people haven't seen this.
  10. welcome back my friend :D

  11. But bro, he needs a server where he and his guys don't get stomped on 24/7.
  12. right...cause paratus had nothing to do with nerfing stuff. give your head a shake, lol
  13. guys, this isn't a prison discussion thread nor is it an "unban a scumbag" thread. please keep it on topic
  14. not true. Back on topic please gents
  15. i got you @StayLifted