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  1. Selling Unlocks for $100 USD
  2. ^^^ THIS!!!! a long time ago I talked myself down from my bounty (I think it was around 1.2m) to the cost of the fuel used in the hunter to chase me down which ended up being like $75. Lets just say the constables weren't too happy with that captains decision. haha no payday for them.
  3. sar·casm ˈsärˌkazəm/ noun the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
  4. *three...kappa but not really
  5. So toxic
  6. neck urself kid ok no more being toxic, i'm done
  7. Take this sorry and shove it up ur but, guy.
  8. hey fuck you buddy
  9. neck tattoo..this kids going far in life. lol
  10. i tended to give them at least 1-2 seconds before killing. hahaha
  11. 6 months? lol. you mean the last 3 years?
  12. Hands up or die has always been a thing, Here's a screen shot of my wonderful 2014 initiation techniques as proof, note the lack of "or die". Its been around for as long as the servers have been around. Good luck trying to change that. lol