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Ron Johnson

O7 Ron Johnson OUT

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Over the past months I have had a great time on Asylum.
But all good things for me get old after a while, especially games.

First of all I would like to thank my fam;

@Sandwich@NotSoNutty, @AyoItsThalia, @huskymatt, @criken5, @Bear 2.0 :FeelsBadMan:,
 @Voni, @Akeelagi, @DS_Billy, @Luke SwagWalker, @Biground, @Le Razoir,
@Ebola, and Everyone else in Drunk Squad!

These people kept the game interesting, and made the community a "community."
I wish the best of to all of you guys and hope you have fun!

Sandwich was the one who introduced me to Asylum.
Nutty is my dad.
Thalia, well not sure why, but Uh Suh dud.
Matt, because I included Thalia, so why not.
Criken because he made the dumbest things funny.
Bear was my man, and now he's gone. #FreeBear (but not really) He was always there to chill and was dope.
Voni is literally my wingman and the biggest goofball I know.
Akee finally got SGT and thats when I left :FeelsBadMan: 
Billy, because he makes thing interesting. Don't fall asleep on him he will slaughter your family.
Luke = meme vOv
Mason is pretty cool <3 #nohomo and ran a dank ass taxi service DURKA DURKA
Le Razoiroirioir called me Roni Johnny Pepperoni <3 #homo
Shoutout to ebola for making me check my application everyday to make sure I didn't get points
But honestly, Drunk Squad is the best gang you can be in, the family community is the best you can get. May be bots, but who gives a shit when you are family.


To finalize my farewell that literally nobody cares about, thanks to all of you guys for making Asylum one of the best Arma III communities. Keep it up.
I will miss the community and all its quirks and stuff and all my money that I've already sold o.O

O7 Ron Johnson Out



[let the "nobody cares" comments commence]

Edited by Ron Johnson

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6 minutes ago, Sandwich said:

It's been a pleasure playing with you @Ron Johnson / The Cadet and Constable days were fun when we used to quiz eachother all the time. Hit me up sometime :)! Farewell

I'll miss you brother!


1 hour ago, Ebola said:

Ron I love you my man. Don't be a stranger come back and visit me papi.

I might :3


1 hour ago, Le Razoir said:

This community always need more shark people like you Ron. You will be missed for sure!


Shark!!!! Miss you daddy.

Sandwich likes this

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Well I never got to say goodbye to you for that meme video you made of me. So here I am bye my dude. You were from as far I remember pretty dang swell to play with:P

Late bye and sad to see that I most likely is not going to see you again on the community.

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