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  1. Werent u banned for cheating? Also this dude gets a song from a kid singing about gay shit and it's still a better song then whatever rap u use.
  2. try rendering and recording it in that, then it might actually work
  3. Retards accusing people of cheats. Others being more retarded by wanting to defend themself. Just ignore the mongs.
  4. did not know this genre of music could be even more shit. But laters.
  5. the only server that would be interesting to open is strife. But for the rest no, its a great way to split pop in half and get people to leave again
  6. fucking mason making better skins in a couple days then asylum has seen in a couple years
  7. yo i just wrote these new cheats, 60 euros a month
  8. the only thing its good for tbh
  9. 9 L of absolut vodka in 30 minutes. about to go stronfg
  10. make sure to drink enough alocohol bois
  11. Subscription system does actually seem interesting. Do people really wanna be charged monthly purely for estatics tho? I mean I know bohemia limits ya so you can't give any proper rewards but oh well. best of luck tho, so far you have been doing a good job from fixing the shitshow that the other devs left ya.
  12. yep, skip the entire wiki if u can play this
  13. this shit makes it look like people need glasses but refuse to wear m
  14. I've had math exams that were funnier then this
  15. the clothes look like they gave kids a spray painter and a couple of scizzors
  16. Can't suicide vest from a tower towards an ifrit and RPGs don't blow themselves up
  17. Yo where can i sign up for these paychecks.
  18. Too fast for police isn't really true. When I redeployed the other day I was in there in position before power was even offline. I don't think the hacking power should be the fighting place cause rebels will just get dicked in that position. I agree the route to rebel is aids compared to cop spawn, but on the other end this stimulates cops to come in waves and think for once. I've only been playing cop again a couple days and if evidence locker is approached cleverly and communicated it's not to bad. I think this is way of fighting is way more interesting then a bank. I agree
  19. Still gonna have to -1 it. Disabling is a lot better then straight up blowing it up Don't wanna see some mong with 80 k blowup 5 people for no effort
  20. Yeah map knowledge is a bit of a learning curve. But when you get the hang of the maps its pretty good to do. Easier to learn the maps then R6. 1 major issue i found with EFT (ive had the game since alpha stage and played a couple wipes hardcore some wipes havent played) is that the quests u need to do every time again and again. They are fun the first time but i find them boring now. Even with the new questline added this wipe.
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