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  1. Everyone spawns in Athira or Pyrgos now.
  2. Look great, Only issue i could see that could arise, is that there are a lot of individually placed objects. I would assume with my uneducated Arma brain, it would inevitably cause issues with the frame rate. Which if i am not mistaken was the reason old Kavala kept that to a minimum, due to Kavala being a highly populated area? i could be wrong...
  3. I fixed it for you. True. Blacklisted, Corruption (did not remove illigal firearm after processing).
  4. Congratulations, go serve the community. @Louie @antho
  5. Donald Clinton must hate you.
  6. After 6,667 Posts we finally have a good one! x
  7. Because he wants a high post count.
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