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  1. As am sure any APD officer is aware you do not get any money from seizing physical items which in my personal opinion is bs. Anyone else?
  2. where is my master crusader fix? hmmmmmm
  3. Great can you fix the master crusader perk for bounty hunters as it literally does nothing as of right now
  4. There are a lot of people with major excess honor and nothing it can be used for. I suggest that more talents be added to the honor talent tree , this would also require the user to be able to learn more talents. my suggestions for a new subsection of the tree would be to have cool down reductions on dropping bounty's, reduction in the cost of gear at skip tracer an once the new subsection of the talents are learned the user is able to unlock a final skill that allows them the chose a bounty from the list of available bounty's every half hour. Another idea is to have "High risk targets" In where if someone has had a bounty for an extensive period of time the person or acquires the bounty gains a extra reward whether it be extra money or honor. There is not much detail here and is a generalization of what could be everything is open to suggestions.
  5. only now am i realising i lost my last flashbang -rip the only item i cared about 2017-2017
  6. however by doing this it would mean less people would combat log in fear of going to jail
  7. Something similar to the cops, what if when you have a bounty in restraints and they log out the bounty hunter receives half the bounty and the combat logger gets sent to jail?
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