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The Gang Trials

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The Event

The Gang Trials is a 6 vs 6. Bring your best players. Unlike previous gang wars the locations you will be fighting at will be left to chance. A perfect opportunity for a new gang to show their metal. The reason being is I want to see upsets. I want to see gangs adapting to new environments. If you're a gang that relies on fighting at OG / Church to win then don’t bother applying.

As currently it’s just me hosting, with a couple of helpers to setup fights. It will be a 6 vs 6 with a max of 8 teams. Played out over 3 days. The first four teams in the bracket will be fighting on a Saturday. With the second section of the bracket fighting the following day. The final will then be at a time that fits both finalists.

The event will take place June 13th, SATURDAY. Exact start time will be given once the bracket is created (June 6th).

Video / Stream

I will be making a small video showing the highlights of each fight, No stream.


Sign Up

Submit Roster here (must be submitted by June 6th) : 


Join Discord here: 





15 Minute timer on All fights. No exceptions. If the timer runs out, the team with the most people inside the cap at the end of the timer will win that round. If both teams are tied, the round will go to the defending team. Even if the attacking team has more people alive but not more people in the cap, Win will still go to the defending team. On the maps that don't have an attacker / Defender. Winner will go to the most alive in the cap.

The fights will be 6v6 with 3 subs on the roster

Every Match will be Best of 3, and the Final match will be BO5

Each team will have 5 minutes to get every player connected to the server, once the clock is out, no more will be allowed to join

1st place

Cash prize - $6million (1mil per person)

      Secondary prize - Each player on the roster will have an Ifrit, 50, or Orca added to their civilian garage

2nd place

Cash prize - $1.2million (200k per person) 

     Secondary prize - Each player on the roster will have an Ifrit or Orca added to their civilian garage




Must not be permed on the Asylum Servers.

Player will be bound to 1 roster and may not fight with multiple gangs.

I will be allowing changes to your roster until that date they are due by

Must have a minimum of 6 players on your roster

Roster changes after this time will not be allowed. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS You will either fight with who you have or forfeit. If a player is not on the roster, then they will not participate with that team

Gang leaders will be responsible for submitting their rosters. The names you put on the sign up form MUST be the same you use in game on event day. Players with names that are not on the roster sheet, will be kicked from the server, matching PIDs or not. No exceptions







Other Rules and Guidelines

 Any teams caught harbouring a ban evader on their roster will be disqualified immediately

 All Asylum rules will be in effect (No VDM, Exploiting etc)

 All players must be in the Asylum Teamspeak for the event

If a player disconnects mid fight, the player or the sub will have to wait until the next round join back in the fight


If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to PM me here on the forums or on Discord


Thanks to @Mitch (IFRIT) for the server and @Gen. Henry Arnold for the mission file which will be the same as the last gang wars.

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19 hours ago, Mason Statham said:

Should have some sort of hour requirement on the server atleast or a bunch of randoms are gonna rock up.

Gonna assemble the meme squad for this one tho.


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Now closed. We're full thanks!! 

Sorry to the other gangs that didn't make it; Daddy's Darlings, PPG, And KGB. + others. There was a sudden rush of rosters last night. If all goes smoothly. I plan to do another very soon. I can reserve a spot if you'd like, PM on discord. 

@daddys darlings probs best you missed this one it would be a seal bashing aye.




Killes - K-Rauta

Chromes - Unknown

Alshiq Fatarras - Paradox

Isaacs - Malicious

DS Randys - APD

DS Billys - Drunk Squad

Chankys - Sanity

Aleec Spazeeds - The Bhoys


8/8 gangs. Check Discord for the rosters / Event information.

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